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MFW Behind the Brand with Deploy

MFW Behind the Brand with Deploy


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Friday 20th September // @ 5 - 7PM

Via dell'Orso, Milano, Lombardia, 20121


Meet the designer behind the brand of Deploy, learn about the thought process behind the designs and what influences her.

The 'Behind the Brand' Experience is an opportunity to delve into the backstory behind the brand. Understand what influences the designer's vision, how they created the brand and discover the new collection.

Enjoy drinks and discovering new designers that you won't find anywhere else.



About Deploy

Established in London in 2006, the mission is to 'deploy' our expertise in customisation to make fashion more sustainable; less wasteful. Dressing you better while reforming the fashion supply chain.

Our timeless styles are thoughtfully designed around you. Conceived by Dr. Bernice Pan, who originally trained as an architect, each garment is thoughtfully designed with your lifestyle in mind, and rigorously constructed with the five key components of exquisite fabrics, fine-tailoring, functional versatility, lasting style and fit perfection.

Our garments are crafted in London, and readily available across the world. Couture craftsmanship isn’t about exclusive, catwalk looks, but about purposeful, quality clothes and personal service that best serves you.


Meet Bernice, and discover the brand for yourself as she walks you through the collection, all whilst sipping on drinks of course!


What to expect:

5pm: Drinks, typical Milanese Happy Hour!

5.30pm: Introduction to the designer from LDC and presentation from the brand

6pm: Meet the designer, discover the product + enjoy drinks and mingling!


Happy hour supported by Terre de la Custodia