Maga's Journey: From Stylist to Creative Director, Pioneering Sustainability with Maga(zine)!*


Last week, we caught up with Maga, Founder of Maga(zine)!*, and delved into his journey of creativity, his collaborative process, and much more! Follow Maga’s journey of self-expression by checking out his editorial platform, Maga(zine)!* and discover how he uses his passion to push boundaries in fashion.

Maga's Fashion Journey to Creating His Own 'Zine

As a fashion enthusiast and creative, Maga has been inspired by legendary style icons since a young age. One of the defining moments for him was seeing the way a red suit had been styled at the 2010 VMA Awards.

Maga was so taken by the outfit that he started capturing outfit pictures and incorporating trending pieces. Friends encouraged him to style and experiment, leading him to showcase different looks on celebrities back home in Nigeria and in London. However, commercial and personal styling briefs limited his creative freedom. This is where the idea for the 'zine' was born, allowing Maga to showcase his editorial styling work and experiment with different styles without any restrictions.

"The journey has been amazing, and the reception is beyond what I expected"

- Maga, Founder of Mega(zine)!*

Fusing Creativity and Innovation

During his Engineering degree, Maga found himself in need of an outlet for his creativity. He was tired of the actions of multinational corporations and the constant political and societal issues surrounding him. This sparked his vision to begin influencing the fashion industry. What makes Maga’s magazine so unique is the fusion of his engineering background with fashion design. The behind-the-scenes process of Maga(zine)!* is an exciting journey of creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Lone Design Club has played a significant role in Maga's career. During a fashion event, he connected with our Brand Curator, Wiky via Instagram. Soon after, his magazine launched in our store. Maga resonated with LDC's brand and the community we have built. The collaboration helped generate traffic, hype, and new opportunities for Maga. He loved meeting new people and emerging designers at LDC's pop-ups, including DOLA and MJ Jewelz.

Maga's Collaborative Process for Making His Vision a Reality

Maga's collaborative process is all about finding the right people who align with his work and vision. He meets a lot of people through fashion events and networking in London, from models to fellow creatives. When he connects with someone who he feels shares his vision and passion for the industry, he invites them to collaborate with him. Maga feels it's important that the people he works with align with his creative direction, and that they bring something unique to the table. Often, he collaborates with creators whose work he admires and supports. Thanks to the community Maga has built, he is able to attract more collaborators who are excited to work with him. Ultimately, the key to Maga's successful collaborations is his ability to foster a sense of community and family within the industry.

Creative Director, Stylist, and Filmmaker Pushing Boundaries in the Fashion Industry

Maga(zine)!* has an exciting lineup of projects in the works. Maga is now working with no deadlines, allowing him to focus on creating the best content possible. Each issue will have a trailer, pictures with accompanying poetry, and more. Maga has shot a music video for issue three and additionally, he's handling the role-out, album cover, and direction for a new EP from a Nigerian artist with 15 million streams on Spotify. 

Behind Maga's Preference of Small Independent Brands: Prioritizing Sustainability and Ethics in Fashion

Maga carefully selects small independent brands based on whether the brand aligns with his own vision and ethics, especially in terms of sustainability. He believes in the three pillars of sustainability taken from his engineering background: social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Working with brands that align with his values is crucial to help promote a more ethical approach to fashion.

Maga's fashion journey has now evolved into the creation of his editorial platform, Maga(zine)!* to explore his creativity and showcase different styles. He works with small independent brands that align with his values, prioritizing sustainability and ethics in fashion. He is excited about his career direction as a creative director, stylist, and filmmaker pushing boundaries in the industry. Check out the zine here.