Maddy Reid: Igniting Change in the Fashion World


Maddy Reid, the Deputy Editor at Bricks Magazine, embarked on a career in fashion and arts editing driven by personal passion, academic pursuits, and a desire for meaningful change. With a distinct perspective her journey has been shaped by diverse influences. From her upbringing in the highlands of Scotland to her current role at Bricks Magazine, Maddy's experiences provide valuable insights into the fashion world and highlight the significant role that editors and creators play in raising awareness and effecting change.

Finding the Intersection of Fashion and Arts:

Growing up in the highlands of Scotland, Maddy's interest in fashion was ignited by her love for art and her fascination with fashion shows, especially during the era when runways were livestreamed for the first time. While her academic prowess leaned towards English, Maddy's curiosity led her to explore the intersection of fashion and arts. Through research and self-discovery, she uncovered a pathway that aligned her skills and interests.

Limited course options led Maddy to London, where she pursued a degree in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. A pivotal moment was her placement at an independent publication, where she was drawn to the diversity of tasks each day, allowing her to immerse herself fully in the fashion world.

In 2019, Maddy joined Bricks Magazine. Over time, her dedication and talent propelled her to the position of Deputy Editor. At Bricks, she found a platform that aligned with her values, focusing on community building and amplifying the voices of marginalised backgrounds—people of colour, queer individuals, and those with disabilities or neurodivergent traits.

Selecting Brands and Individuals to Work With

When it comes to choosing brands and people to collaborate with, Maddy prioritises those who have a community-centred mindset and uphold sustainable and ethical values. She seeks out individuals or brands that support specific communities, nurturing an environment that fosters inclusivity and representation.

Editors and creators play a crucial role in driving awareness for conscious brands and independent designers. Maddy firmly believes that the industry's transformation relies on supporting and amplifying these voices. Paid partnerships, collaborations, and showcasing marginalised creatives are essential steps towards fostering a better fashion industry. By working closely with designers, Maddy gains firsthand knowledge of their work, enabling her to push for more effective solutions and processes.

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability:

Maddy emphasises that sustainability in fashion extends beyond the end of a product's life. From the earliest stages of sourcing materials to the manufacturing process, conscious decision-making is essential. She feels hopeful that the lack of care often seen in the industry is primarily due to a lack of information and education. Through platforms like Bricks magazine, which reaches a wide readership, Maddy aims to educate and make a significant impact in promoting sustainable practices.

Personal Style and Fashion Choices:

TikTok videos serve as a constant source of inspiration for Maddy's personal style. She approaches shopping with a focus on the fluidity, movement, and fit of clothing, rather than being solely influenced by images. Outfit planning and finding pieces that can be repeated is key to her approach. She draws inspiration from London Fashion Week styles and enjoys recreating them using preloved fashion pieces, finding joy in the thrill of shopping and sharing her experiences.

Maddy's journey as a fashion and arts editor exemplifies the power of passion, purpose, and community. Through her work at Bricks magazine and her commitment to conscious brands and independent designers, she is driving awareness and change within the fashion industry. By amplifying marginalized voices and embracing sustainable practices, Maddy's vision for a better future is gradually transforming the industry from within