Lana Wilman's Fashion Journey: Embracing Talent, Authenticity, and Sustainability in her Spring Edit.


Fashion has always been an exciting and dynamic industry, but the way we consume it has changed dramatically over the past few years. Social media has, for many, become the primary source of inspiration for their personal style. However, with so much content out there, it can be hard to find authentic voices who truly engage with their audience. That's where Lana comes in.

How Lana's Passion for Influencers Led to a Rewarding Career 

Lana's passion for collaborating  with influencers, combined with her experience in the fashion and lifestyle space, led her to establish 'Aphrodite the Agency,' a Talent Management Agency dedicated to promoting talent. Her approach is rooted in a deep appreciation for each content creator she works with, valuing their unique talents and fostering their growth. It's this genuine authenticity that sets them apart.

Building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships between content creators and brands is essential in influencer marketing. Lana and her team prioritise finding brands that align with their values and principles. They learn through trial and error which collaborations work best, and have found that attending brand events helps them gain a deeper understanding of the brand's values. Authentic collaborations not only benefit the brands and content creators, but also maintain credibility and trust with their audience.

Lana's Collaboration with LDC: Promoting Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Lana's collaboration with Lone Design Club started when one of her influencers mentioned the brand. Intrigued by the concept of offering an ethical and sustainable shopping experience, Lana contacted Rebecca, LDC's founder, to explore the possibility of working together. During their meeting, Lana was immediately taken with this new alternative to the fast fashion that dominates the industry. 

Her relationship with LDC has been an enlightening part of Lana's journey in promoting fashion talent, serving as a reminder that ethical and sustainable fashion is not a temporary trend, but a lasting movement.

The Role of Digital Content Creators in Promoting Independent Designers

Digital content creators play an increasingly important role in promoting independent designers and making them accessible to a wider audience. By actively seeking out and showcasing small and distinctive brands, these creators not only help these designers gain exposure but also contribute to creating a more diverse and inclusive fashion landscape. As a result, their community feels more engaged, inspired, and connected with independent designers and their unique visions and allows them to express their individuality and personal style in new ways. This sense of discovery and connection fosters a sense of community among both creators and consumers, creating a space where creativity and originality are celebrated and supported. Furthermore, the efforts of these content creators towards promoting independent and unique brands contribute to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. This positive impact benefits not only the designers and creators but also everyone involved

Fashion Trends in 2023: A More Mindful Approach 

Lana holds the belief that fashion trends remain relevant in 2023, albeit with a more mindful approach. While finding micro-trends and fast fashion to be wasteful and unsustainable, she believes that pulling inspiration from the runways and selecting pieces from trends that fit one's personal style and can be worn repeatedly over time is essential. Her personal style is influenced by classic pieces that can be mixed and matched with different outfits for long-term wearability. She places importance on outfit repetition and is conscious of overconsumption, which she balances by using resale platforms. 

Lana has highlighted the significance of ethical and sustainable fashion practices, fostering long-lasting relationships, and the vital role of promoting independent designers. Striking a balance between being stylish and being mindful of one's consumption habits is crucial for creating a fashion-forward industry.