Down to Earth: Be Mindful with LDC

Down to Earth: Be Mindful with LDC


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55 Baker Street // 22nd April @ 5 - 8pm

It's Earth Day - time to reconnect and be mindful, we want to celebrate our planet.

Expect a relaxing meditation session, led by our Wellness and Meditation Guru from Inner Space Meditation, Covent Garden. 

In store designer Ashtiani will then take the stage with a small surprise. Ashithi does it all - elegant, graceful womens wear and is a health water expert. Don't know what a health water expert is? If you are interested in wellness, you don't want to miss out. Discover something entirely new that no one has ever done before.

Bring out your inner green thumb and take home a special gift to keep yourself grounded and remember this experience by.

Enjoy fruity and herbal drinks with us as we get reconnected.

More details to be released -- keep an eye on our Instagram.

We will be collecting donations for the charity on the evening in support of Inner Space, Covent Garden - Brahma Kumaris.

Inner Space is a meditation and personal development centre, offering courses and meditations in Covent Garden, in the City, and in the workplace. They also organise talks at different talks at different locations in London. Find more info: