Our Story

Welcome to LDC - We are the Lone Design Club, founded in February 2017 as the result of small business owners' taking the reins of their fashion + lifestyle brands in searching for alternative routes to market, uniting with like-minded businesses in rising up, taking control and shaping the future of NEW RETAIL. 

Founder - Rebecca Morter

"Encouraged by the British Fashion Council, I co-founded and launched my own womenswear brand REIN at London Fashion Week in February 2015, with international celebrity collaborations already under our belt; Lady Gaga, Charli XCX, Little Mix, Jessie J + more. As with the majority of brands at the time, we went down the traditional wholesale route, 2015 saw the likes of many international buyers and decent-ish orders. Each season following, attendance + orders thinned, it became more and more difficult to reach buyers and boutiques started closing regularly, complaining how hard it is to sell "new designers".

In 2016, fellow LFW designers (one of which being my wonderful business partner Stephanie Fleming, Founder of Jewellery brand House Thirteen+ I asked ourselves -

"How are we supposed to build our businesses when we have zero interaction with our actual customers?"

Yes, it’s great when a mighty store place an order, yet once the discounts, 90 days payment + smaller independent business production surcharges are applied, who comes out on top? I can tell you - IT’S NOT US.

Approaching NEW RETAIL from the actual point of view of a brand means we understand the trials + tribulations faced. It means LDC can approach retail with a fresh, innovative + lean perspective, bringing personality back to the high street.”

What we do

LDC is the result of emerging London fashion brands’ desire to actively take the reins of their small and independent businesses; by focusing on selling direct, building relationships and understanding our customers needs and wants.

Since 2017 we’ve been revolutionising retail + the way we consume. All our brands are local, independent labels, fuelled by nothing but passion. We create short term concept stores appearing for 1-2 weeks at a time anywhere across London, creating a platform for consumers to discover + shop from independent brands with traceable and mindful practices, selling unique, exclusive + one of a kind items incomparable to that on the high street. 

Launching as a means to collaborate, harness + unite with like minded brands – 15 brands working together has 15 times the customer base, resources and network. With a goal of innovating retail and consumer experience, the Lone Design Club gives a united voice to small, independent brands, hosting regular pop up concept stores featuring a high-curated selection of lifestyle and fashion. LDC, like its founders, supports female founded and empowering brands. With regular networking events and talks focused on supporting + nurturing women in business. We create a retail platform with a mind to the future.  

Be part of the experience. Be part of the community