Calling All Fashion Founders: Learn from the Experts at Fashion Heaven Inc

Hear from Fashion Heaven, Head Hunters and Brand Consultants and partners of Lone Design Club this LFW. 


In our upcoming London Fashion Week event, we discuss the strategies involved in successfully scaling your brand.


Our toolbox is an Aladdin's Cave of industry insights amassed over 10+ years in an ever evolving market, where ecommerce has created a revolution, shaking up the traditional consumer goods market.


Key considerations when thinking about scaling are informed by a combination of AI and human expertise and include:

  • Sales, product and market analysis
  • Design, sourcing and development
  • Range planning and seasonality
  • Supply chain capacity, costs, stock and distribution
  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Team structure

We explore the motivations and desires of brand owners, with view to building out an effective and realistic strategy that doesn't overwhelm the business by enforcing strides it struggles to embrace or maintain. The goal is to create and harness opportunities and build on their momentum with a grounded strategy, starting of course with great product!



Businesses are made of people, and understanding the strengths and challenges within a business informs the creation of a structure capable of delivering the best strategy.


Scaling a business sometimes means adding or changing team members, processes and systems. Change is a necessary component, which unsettles some and inspires others. It requires a leap of faith informed by strategic analysis and gut instinct.


Effective relationship building with stakeholders, consumers, and suppliers is an essential pillar in building momentum that carries your brand forward.


Consumers are inspired by brand values based on a personal story.


The fashion industry employs over 300 million people globally, and attracts people from all walks of life and professions due to its ability to inspire and connect likeminded individuals who share a passion for style, creativity, personal expression and an ever growing eagerness to harness sustainable and ethical practices that support the harmony and wellbeing of the planet. It is also one of the most complex supply chains in modern industry with many moving parts, reliant on a network of stakeholders, whose reliability is crucial in ensuring calendar milestones are achieved. You are only as good as your last delivery!



Ecommerce has brought our global community together as never before, which creates a range of considerations and opportunities for burgeoning brands.


Specialising in brand consultancy, recruitment, trend intelligence and coaching, we have a trusted team of experts, available to work with brands on short, medium and long term projects and goals supporting growth with industry expertise and insights.


Interested in joining this event? Check out more information here.

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