Lone Design Club's Earth Day Events and Latest Fashion Arrivals

The fashion industry is faced with the daunting challenge of addressing its environmental impact. Fashion has long been associated with waste and overconsumption, and has since been named the sixth largest polluting industry. (Fashion Network 2022). The industry's quick shift in fashion trends and the creation of inexpensive, low-quality clothing are to blame for the 85% of textile waste that ends up in landfills.  (2022 Fashion Network).


Earth Day is a day for people all around the world to come together to honour our planet and spread awareness of the environmental issues it is facing. This serves as a reminder that we all have a responsibility to preserve our environment. Earth day is a chance to take action and make conscious decisions to build a more sustainable future. 

Lone Design Club recognises this responsibility and our brand ethos is based around combatting this. We’re dedicated to bringing together ethical, independent fashion brands that are committed to making a difference. Together, we are working towards creating a better world for future generations.

This week we're excited to be hosting a variety of events that will provide access to unforgettable, community led experiences. Today marks the opening night of our newest pop-up ‘Spring Forward’ in St John’s Wood. This pop-up will be home to our incredible week one designers including 12.5 mm, Slycker, Storm Label, Hannah Ennis, Senja by Maddie, Soleil Atelier, Dedei, Dorota Bojanowska, Ester Kubisz, Dola, 4160 Tuesdays, Farphoria, Maria Lau, to name a few!

The Power of Buying Less and Buying Better

Opting for sustainable brands and independent designers and buying fewer but better quality clothes can aid in reducing our carbon footprint and helps to support ethical production methods. Consumers' knowledge of the negative effects of excessive consumption on the environment and society is growing and shaping their buying habits. This move towards conscious consumerism not only benefits the environment but also encourages a fair and equitable fashion industry.

As we celebrate Earth Day, it's important to support sustainable and eco-friendly fashion!  Refresh your spring wardrobe with the newest arrivals from Aethera, Bastet Noir, Maria Lau, and Earthy Nail Polish.  Stay up-to-date with the best in fashion and beauty across our website and social media.

Maria Lau's new collection includes a stunning range of jewellery pieces. Our favourite standout pieces include The Duo Dew Necklace with Freshwater Baroque and Dewdrop Pearls, MAGNE single strand necklaces in purple and silver and gold tones, and the GREY ARC wrapped mini-necklace. Maria Lau's intricate designs make her jewellery the centrepiece of any outfit. 

Aethera's latest collection is all about luxurious silk accessories. The Adelaide Silk Twilly in Bronze, the Camille Fuchsia Silk Scrunchie, and the Luna Half Moon Jade Scalp Massager Comb are just a few of the must-have accessories from this collection. These pieces are not only stylish but also functional, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Bastet Noir's new collection features elegant blazers and pants that are sure to turn heads. The Lisa Blazer and Pants in powder pink and the Shannon Blazer in gold are versatile pieces that add a pop of colour to any look. 

Finally, Earthy Nail Polish has just announced two new cruelty-free nail polish colours that are perfect for Spring. The Icelandic Blue and Nailture Green shades are vibrant and long-lasting. The brand is committed to using natural and non-toxic ingredients in their products, making them a great option for conscious consumers.

Don't miss out on these incredible products! Join us in supporting independent businesses making a positive impact.