The Underargument

Created in 2015, the empowering lingerie brand, the underargument, creates “wearable reminders” advocating the power of individuality.  Each collection is a new argument against conformist mindsets and each piece is labelled with an affirmation reminding the wearer to embrace their individuality. Each woman featured by the brand is selected for the empowering message they contribute to each underargument and wish to share with other women.


A digital marketing and branding specialist, Maïna Cissé spent most the last 15 years working with Fashion brands in France (where she is originally from), the UK and Australia on shaping their growth strategies. Believing both in the power of individuality and the therapeutic effect beautifully made lingerie can have on a woman, Maïna set off to start The Underargument.

We no longer stock these products but make sure to check out other similar brands such as Studio Pia, Emma Harris and Chité.
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