Sit Back and Relax: Top Loungewear

By Caroline L Hamar, Contributor

Let’s set the scene… You’re online shopping and when clicking the dropdown menu over ‘clothing’ you see ‘evening wear’ and think “oh yes! That’s it!” You click, and of course, a page of dazzling cocktail attire loads. Oh. You were looking for the loungewear or pyjamas and forgot that evening wear was once something a little different… These are the times we’re living in. The year of ‘staying in.’

This year has seen an inspiring amount of people embracing the artist within themselves and thinking of innovative ways to make and create at home. From cooking to sewing, singing and motivational videos, the world has not failed to come together and provide support for each other – and this is something that should continue regardless of COVID restrictions. Keeping yourself and others entertained can be testing at times, but thrilling when you find the right thing to do! So treat your friends and family (or just yourself!) to a little lockdown treat, whether it be getting creative online or cosying up with new home-wears, LDC has got the experience or the accessory for you.

You could say the tracksuit started with the Adidas Firebird in the 1970s, back then it was still considered sportswear however, it was subtle enough to slip into the mainstream and has reinvented itself throughout wardrobes ever since. I mean, Melissa McCarthy and her husband turned up in matching Firebird tracksuits for the Oscars Vanity Fair party in 2019!

In the 70s ‘jogging’ was taking over so, now anyone could wear a tracksuit, it wasn’t just for olympic competitors, it was the must-have get up for suburban life. However, at this time we’re still discussing it being a a sportswear garment - when did it become such a style statement?

It was all down to, velour; a plush fabric similar to velvet. This took tracksuits away from sporting and instead into the realm of leisure and lounge wear. In the 1980s The Sopranos on HBO introduced us to the Fila Velour tracksuit. These characters made the tracksuit a symbol of power - you didn’t have to dress to impress to be, in fact, impressive. Rappers such as Jay-Z and P Diddy have continued to show tracksuits in this way.

But this was a trend nobody predicted for women. That was until 2001 with the iconic Juicy Couture tracksuit. Some look back and cringe at the pink velour, bedazzled tracksuit matched with hand bags and high heels. However, women’s tracksuits would not the same without them, or even a big trend without them! Juicy Couture was started by Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy and their tracksuits became an iconic symbol of the 2000s. Paris Hilton had a big part to play in that, her use of pairing the tracksuit with Fendi bags and other designer pieces invented the idea of ‘upper class casual.’ Hilton said during her TV show The Simple Life she owned over 1,000 juicy couture tracksuits.

Not only was the tracksuit firmly cemented as a style piece, it was a style piece that could mean red carpet rebellion, a power move or luxury style.

Within our Lone Design Club community YOROSHIKU 4649 is making their own statement with the tracksuit. Yoroshiku translates in Japanese as “nice to meet you”, they’re an independent brand based in London making classic street wear, designer Yumi Sakaki’s Japanese heritage and love of hip-hop gives their style added playfulness.

Their Cotton Drill Sweatpants Joggers in Original Camo can be paired with both the matching Pullover Hoodie, Upcycled Kimono Top or Army Jacket. Giving this tracksuit a forward fashion style that can mean both relaxation or ready-to-go! This outfit, and its many options, is the exact essence of the tracksuit - an amazing autumn months fashion statement which is all about the simplicity found within matching garments, even in wild patterns! This ensemble also has all the elements of stay at home comfort - elasticated waistline with cosy cotton. Whilst, the pullover has a kangaroo pocket - there is something so comforting and cosy about a kangaroo pocket - and fleece fabric.

From Olympic winners, The Sopranos and Paris Hilton the tracksuit has always been something bigger than just an outfit. With it’s electric style, the YOROSHIKU 4649 tracksuit is something a little bolder than other loungewear, it’s more about expressing your identity and using fashion to keep a energised and upbeat mindset in uncertain times. Just because you’re not going out anywhere doesn’t mean you can’t get excited about fashion and what to wear today! 


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