#EmbraceEquity with Lone Design Club’s International Women’s Day Round Up

International Women’s day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate, every year (but really every day!), the wonderful and inspiring women in all areas of life. This day serves as a reminder of the important contributions women make to society and the progress that has been made to gender equality. However, there’s still a lot of work to be done to reach true gender equality. Despite progress made in recent years, there are still barriers that prevent women from benefiting from opportunities. including leadership positions, equal pay and legal rights.

Embrace Equity

This year’s theme ‘Embrace Equity’ calls for a deeper understanding of the need for true equity, moving beyond the notion of simply providing equal opportunities. 

As one of the largest industries in the world with women making up more than 70% of the total workforce in the fashion industry (Fashion Revolution) – fashion has powerful potential to change and promote greater equality for women in a variety of ways. 

Don't have time to do your own research but want to make a difference? Below we explore different ways of how you can can make a difference for women in fashion. Check out our curation of brands who tick all of the boxed below.

"Everytime I think of International Women’s Day, I think of all the incredible individuals around me that are fighting for equality on a daily basis"

- Alice McAnulty, COO at Lone Design Club.

  • Do your research
    Take time to research issues that women may face within the fashion industry including unequal pay and unsafe conditions. By doing so, we can make conscious buying decisions that have a positive impact. 

  • Support with your purse and wallet
    Buy from brands that promote equity and have practices in place to support women including fair pay, safe working conditions and opportunities for career growth.

  • Go sustainable
    Shop from ethical and sustainable brands, these brands are more likely to prioritise equity and equality in their business practices. 

  • Help influential brands drive positive change
    Support brands who use influential voices to make positive changes, bringing attention to environmental and societal issues and holding brands accountable for their actions. 

Empowering women through sustainable and ethical fashion

Fanfare has partnered with human trafficking charities to eradicate slavery from fashion supply chains, ensuring that all their products are ethically made, and the women who make them are treated with respect and dignity. Fanfare also collaborates with homeless charities to help women by teaching them skills, helping them get into work, and live independent lives.

Empowering women through fair living wages and supporting female artisans

The Knotty Ones work with over 70 female artisans in rural Lithuania, providing them with a voice and financial freedom. The brand’s ‘Knitters Dream Funds’ helps to bring dreams to life from customers directly donating to the artisan who made their knitwear. In addition, Knotty Ones also works with female-run factories which prioritise fair living wages and safe working conditions. 

Empowering women to build a brighter future by supporting human trafficking survivors

Essen is a conscious footwear brand which has collaborated with ‘Her Future Coalition’ and ‘i=change’ this year in honour of International Women’s Day. Their aim is to help provide survivors of human trafficking across India and Nepal with education, shelter and holistic support – for every sale, $3 is donated to the consumer’s chosen charity. Through this initiative, Essen is enabling women to build brighter and successful futures and to heal from trauma. 

Empowers women to make conscious and impactful choices

Studio Pia empowers their female consumers by creating ethically crafted lingerie collections that are both fashion-led and sustainable. Every garment is designed to flatter a range of body types, achieved through adjustable sections, allowing for a personalised fit. 

Join us to celebrate International Women's Day with the launch of Women of Retail, an event for women, by women and about women who make the retail industry impactful, inspiring and successful. 

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