Our specialised concept store is constantly on the move. Appearing for 1-2 weeks at a time, each month a new and exciting location in London and internationally. We offer short term space to up & coming independent fashion + lifestyle brands in a co-curated environment. We connect brands to their direct audiences while empowering consumers to shop small, transparent and unique product, not found on the high street. We offer a new retail experience with a mind to the future. 

You'll find information about our upcoming stores below. To check out where our past stores have been, click here

MAY 2019

Chelsea, London, UK

Dates: 17-30 May

Address: 134 Sloane Street, London, SW1X 9AT



Are you an independent fashion, beauty or lifestyle brand and interested in selling in one of our stores? Please reach out to us at: info@lonedesignclub.com