Meet Bianca Elgar, The Designer Giving Homewears a Modernist Update

Meet our designer Bianca Elgar. She has a passion for art and textiles, with a background in silk-screen printing and expertise in fashion and print design. Based in her studio in Oxford, Bianca creates fashion and lifestyle collections which merge classic elegance with modern art. All of Bianca's collections are 100% created in the UK to support British manufacturing, craftsmanship and innovation. 

We love Bianca for her individual design concepts and how she seamlessly unites womenswear and homewear across her brands. She brings her charismatic attitude to any pop up store, but whilst we're all stuck in Lockdown get to know the woman behind the brand and discover her products online.

What's something that makes your brand unique?
I take joy and pride in creating all my products from the finest sustainable and/or recycled materials. My work marries original design with expert craftsmanship.. All pieces are designed by me and manufactured here in the UK, my limited edition collections are designed to last a lifetime; a true representation of timeless luxury.

What is your bestselling style?
The bottle lamp lampshades make wonderful presents that will lighten up a room and are
the perfect way to make a keepsake out of those celebratory bottles you enjoyed marking a
significant occasion. Each shade is hand printed on unbleached cotton and therefore each is unique.

What are the ethical values your brand stands for?
Quality – My products are made to last. With a little care they are ultimately tough
and resilient, this means that they will last to hopefully be passed on as heirlooms.

Sustainable – I strive to use recyclable, sustainable materials in everything I create,
from packaging to product and only work with suppliers who have a similar ethos.

Exquisite design meets expert craftsmanship - all my items are created in the UK to
support British manufacturing and innovation.

What's one thing you're looking forward to in 2021?
The return of bricks and mortar retail, to rediscover the importance of serendipity.

Bianca will be giving you an exclusive sneak peak into the behind the scenes workings of her studio. If you've ever wanted to see the designer in action and be nosey about what they get up to in their spare time then this is your chance Bianca will be on our Instagram story where she will be going live at 3pm on Friday 15th January. 

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