LDC Launches First Ever Digital Fashion Game, in Partnership with Conclify


Discover ethical brands and win rewards with LDC’s latest venture into the tech world. This London Fashion Week, in collaboration with Conclify, you can now play on the virtual high street, learn more about a curation of independent brands and win daily competitions to redeem online. 

For the past couple of years the crossover between fashion and gaming has steadily been on the rise. Most notably things kicked off with a Moschino x Sims 4 collaboration in 2019 where players of the game could dress their characters in the latest designer trends from the label and live out their virtual fantasies.

This catapulted digital fashion into the foreground of the industry and proved to many that new shopping avenues were opening - those of buying clothing that doesn’t exist for your online avatar. Since this conception, many brands have been jumping on the bandwagon, most recently Balenciaga released their Fall 2021 collection as part of a virtual game that took users to a secret rave. And Gucci x The North Face launched with Pokemon Go. 

Now LDC, have taken their first steps into the gaming scene, where users can discover their virtual high street and learn more about their online brands. Conclify shares an interest in going deep into the understanding of the brands, the focus of the game is to learn more about the brand story, what inspires these designers and their personal journeys.

Once inside the game you can choose which brand you want to learn about and engage through a series of trivia questions and games. If you can get the answers right you win points, the more points you win the better your reward will be.

If the game itself wasn't fun enough on its own, you can also win exclusive discounts and cash back rewards, so not only do you get a fun and interactive chance to learn but win exclusive deals too. We will also be hosting a daily competition where winners receive a tree planted in their honor as part of Tree Sister's rainforest restoration programme. 

Brands featured include a top selection of our incredible female led brands with a sustainable focus: Aggi, Alison Fern, Bentivoglio Paris, Birdsong, IRÉN, Studio Pia, Ohana, MWYW, Gung Ho, and Sarah & Sorrentino.

But don't just take our word for it, give it a go for yourself, you might be one of our lucky winners. Play the game here

If you’re interested in hearing more about Conclify and the rise of fashion and gaming, you can tune into our Instagram Live discussion on Tuesday 16th February at 3pm. See more information on Instagram. Taking this conversation even deeper Conclify founder, Yiota Bouboureka will be joining our digital panel event in partnership with INTERLACED on the 24th February from 6.30pm, talking all things digital, fashion and innovation. Check out the full event breakdown here.

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Andie Super Back Pants
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Andie Super Back Pants

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