It's Time to Improve Your Brand With The Slingshot Speaks Series


 LDC Accelerator introduces its exciting new webinar series, in partnership with Slingshot London. Taking a deep dive into all things branding and thinking outside the box to make your brand unique.

Last week we held our first ever digital fashion summit, “State of Retail for Independents”. We talked about how the post pandemic has affected independent brands and we interviewed experts such as Matthew Drinkwater, Lauretta Roberts, Muchaneta Kapfunde and more to hold conversations about retail renaissance and new strategies for the coming year.

But the road is still long and the after effects of the pandemic will continue for a long time, making now a good time to focus on your aims and future. If you want to start a business, or you just want to improve the one you already have, then this series will be for you. If you're not quite sure what branding is, how crucial it is for a business or are looking for wider support and motivation, this Accelerator series gives you the possibility to examine and revisit your brand values and focus on the areas you should have in place for when everything returns to normal.

We are excited to be collaborating in a partnership with Slingshot London, a digital fashion and consulting agency focusing on creativity, branding and PR. Their founder, Zoe Lem, will be leading this 4 part series and will provide you with advice on how to think outside the box and finding ways to make your brand unique.

Some of the topics covered will include:

Understanding your brand: the most important thing to communicate is the brand identity, which is fundamental to differentiate from others.
Knowing your brand values: what does your brand believe in? Why should people support it? These questions are often overrated, because a lot of brands sell similar products, but the values are the ones which turn a person into a client.
Underpinning your creative business with strong foundations: as creativity is important but it cannot be used without a starting technical point.
It is not just about what it looks like, branding is a feeling: your aim is to build a community around your brand, as people can find theirselves in what they are buying.

This is the time to start planning your PR and Marketing strategy for a brighter 2021! Let’s have a look at the agenda and save the dates: 

Slingshot #1 February 17th 4pm-5pm: Think, Act, Speak like a Brand 
Slingshot #2 February 24th 4pm-6pm: Changing your Mindset
Slingshot #3 March 3rd 4pm-6pm: How to Pivot Your Creativity and Survive The Pandemic
Slingshot #4 March 10th 4pm 6pm: Generating Awareness in a Pandemic/ Post Climate

About Slingshot

Slingshot is a London-based brand innovation, strategy, and communications consultancy, specialising in the business of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. They use a 360 approach to target your creative and business needs using branding, marketing, PR, digital and collaborations. The team is made by creative artists like photographers, directors, designers and performer who work to bring creative brands and business together with their talent.
This total approach comes from these people varied careers, years of experience. They are able to understand products, services, brand, objectives because they’ve been there theirselves. The result is a mix of passion and credibility which they bring in their work.

We suggest you to not to lose this opportunity as you will be able to give an answer to all your questions and get inspired by a lot of creative people. This is the right moment to focus on your aims and improve your future. 


The LDC Accelerator is a platform that connects designers and experts providing tools and information to help independent brands scale and grow successful businesses.


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