LDC Accelerator: Generating Awareness in a Pandemic/Post Pandemic Climate

Date: 10th March 2021

Time: 4pm-5pm GMT

Location: Online

This event is free to attend.
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Join Slingshot the PR and Marketing experts as they explain how to generate awareness and create a noise in the current climate.

Start planning your PR and Marketing strategy to have key processes in place for the post pandemic climate.

Covid-19 has had a significant effect on the world of brand marketing and communications. Now is a good time to start thinking about how to achieve your business goals, changing your mindset and adapt to change.

Branding and awareness is crucial at any time, but when everyone is fighting for the spotlight on saturated discovery channels, it can often seem overwhelming.

Learn tools and skills to cut through the noise as well as how to garner PR exposure during this time. 

Slingshot will deliver a session on:

  • Should you do things differently?
  • How do you create a noise in the current climate?
  • What are your key tools to generate awareness?
  • PR for 2021

    This webinar is part of a 4 part series called the 'The Slingshot Speak Series'.

    About Slingshot

    Slingshot is a London-based brand innovation, strategy, and communications consultancy, specialising in the business of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel. They use a 360 approach to target your creative and business needs using branding, marketing, PR, digital and collaborations.

    Slingshot uses disruptive and innovative thinking to find concept, development and awareness solutions to grow your business idea, evolve your story or campaign and communicate it effectively to your core target market. They create brands of the future by harnessing their creativity, speed and their extensive network.


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