Introducing our Digital Beauty Zone with Curate Beauty

LDC's Beauty Zone is back with yet another stellar curation of skin care, bringing you the best in botanical beauty.

We can't be the only ones who are looking forward to shaking off the January Blues and gearing up for Spring. Although we're trying hard not to get too ahead of ourselves, it's hard not to now that it feels that the days are getting longer and maybe even a little sunnier. What better way to exit the January slump than with some exciting news and even more exciting new beauty products to the LDC site. With a new curation of brands there's something for everyone to revitalise your skincare routine, uplift your self care Sunday in isolation and even some new products for the man in your life. Lone Design Club are proud to announce their latest beauty partner, Curate Beauty.

An innovative online beauty wholesaler, Curate Beauty is a start up aiming to make the traditional journey for retailers much simpler and easier. Founded by award winning beauty journalist Samantha Freedman and luxury retail specialist Margot Vitale, the pair are on a mission to shake up the beauty industry. For us they are bringing four of their up and coming brands in a bespoke LDC curation, highlighting botanical beauty and top quality ingredients, all nicely bundled up in gorgeous packaging, and sustainable too (need we say more?) 

First up we have APRICOT Beauty; focusing on innovation to provide effective solutions to all skin issues. You say macne (mask acne), they say no more! Products are developed to have fast action results, in the simplest and least complicated way. Their collection consists of clinically proven wrinkle reduction patches, targeting tricky areas such as the forehead, smile lines, or under eye.  Wrinkle reduction is their main focus, but above all tying into the these of Self Love this Valentine's Day, appreciating the natural beauty within us. Check out their APRICOT collection here.

A passionate spirit of development, courage and sustainability are the most important characteristics of APRICOT. 

If it's acne you're struggling with, then you'll definitely want to try their 'Simple Against Pimple' pimple patches too. For targeting problem areas and quick action results.

Next on the scene we have Booming Bob, an oil based skin care range. The ingredients are completely waterless and oil based, leaving your skin feeling nourished and moisturised, a must in the colder weather. 

Focusing on a few key areas, Booming Bob carefully takes into consideration sustainability and transparency. From aiming to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible, to working with ecologically certified producers. All of their packaging is recyclable and made from recycled materials as much as possible.

Not to leave anyone out, we're very excited to be stocking Booming Bob's skin care for men as well, with specialist beard oils for a variety of skin types in a selection of delectable scents. The ideal treat for the man in your life this Valentine's Day.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, there's more. Introducing Five Dot Botanics, the skin care range that tries to not over complicate things (because why should you?) With only five ingredients in each product, your skin is left looking and feeling stronger, healthier and happier.

All ingredients are high-quality and plant-based, perfect if you're taking your new found Veganuary habits into the rest of the year with you. There are six products in the collection, taking you through from morning to night, from deep cleansing to deep nourishing. 

Their Nourishing Facial Serum is a must try with green coffee and clay, it will give your skin that additional boost it needs and a revitalising hit, especially after staring at a screen all day. If your skin’s a bit irritated, then keeping it simple and natural with your skincare might well help it. Deep Feed helps skin to feel calmer.

Finally, introducing our last brand (but not least) EBO, their 100% natural formulations are chemical free and work with your natural skin requirements to enhance your complexion.

Focusing on the science behind the skin care, EBO's products are rich in healthy skin essentials, they strengthen the skin’s lipid layer and help stabilise your own natural oil production. By not overloading your skin with lots of thick products, the lightweight texture gives your body the chance to regulate itself, restoring equilibrium to reveal your own natural luminosity. Your skin will be left looking radiant and light. The products are designed with simplicity in mind and are generously sized to be used everyday, bringing luxe aromatherapy scents to your daily ritual.

Give your body some self love too and check out EBO's Detox Essential Body Oils. Lasting up to 6 months it comes with an easy to use pump and its almond base makes it completely cellulite busting, and not to mention it's refillable, what more could you want?

If you like the sound of these new products then make sure to head over to our LDC Digital Beauty Zone where you can learn even more about the range and the brand as a whole.  

You can also follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all things Curate and tune in on the 8th February at 3pm GMT for a live chat with Curates founders, Samantha and Margot.

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