Top Sustainable Gifts This Christmas

By Phoebe J Carney, Contributor

The festive season is fast approaching and one thing we all want to know is how to gift sustainably. Buying new things has become something that is laced with anxiety and guilt. Do we know where our favourite top has come from? Do we know who made it? Do we know what materials were used? Most of the time, sadly, we do not. But LDC are here to provide you with these answers and offer a guilt-free shopping experience.

All our brands are eco-friendly and ethical and create their products using natural or recycled materials to ensure longevity and prohibit excess waste. Here are a few of our sustainable favourites, perfect for holiday gifting or personal enjoyment!

NEON KACTUS is one brand that is on a mission to Create A Better Tomorrow by using only food grade and BPA free materials devoid of any harmful toxins or chemicals. Their Reusable Glass Coffee Cups are lightweight and durable so can be taken on the go or placed comfortably under a coffee machine. The high-quality glass is dishwasher and microwave safe and wont taint the taste of your drink. Personalise your morning beverage with a selection of cheerful colours.

AKOJO MARKET create colourful handmade accessories, fashion and homeware that promotes the culture and craftsmanship of their independent African designers. Their sets of coasters, tea towels and cushion covers do exactly this, with bright and electric artwork that exhibits features of wildlife in South East Africa.

HAOMA founder Enis Anteplioglu delivers 100% natural and handmade spa products that will keep you feeling fresh and worry-free. The Geranium and Palmarosa Soap is made with a blend of premium certified organic oils and is kind to your skin and the environment alike. 

LE SLAP’s oversized Unisex Hoodies are available in black and white and are made from 100% cotton. They are the combination of English edginess and French cool that the brand builds itself on; comfy, stylish and reliable.

FANFARE gives you the opportunity to add your own creativity to what you purchase. Their Design Your Own Upcycled Jeans option allows you to choose from a selection of second-hand and vintage jeans and have a discussion with their design team to create a pair that is completely unique to you. Embroider patterns, write or print images, paint directly onto them – it’s entirely your vision!

Something else you can do is swap your clothes. LDC have teamed up with The Swapchain to offer a sustainable and accessible way to grab your seasonal must haves. By combining sustainable consumerism with technological innovation, The Swapchain presents the future of fashion as the industry leans towards a more attainable and exciting way of finding our own style. Swapping allows us to slow right down and think about what we own and who will wear it next. By registering your clothes on this circular fashion platform, all the details of the supply chain, branding and retail, as well as who they are sold to becomes available, which allows people to connect with their clothes on a much more personal level and creates a community of conscious consumers. This is a chance to shop for free while clearing out your wardrobe, contributing to ethical fashion and engaging with other like-minded people. Sounds like Christmas come early to me!

Swapping is an alternative to buying new that will contribute significantly to the alteration of consumer habits. However, we still want to buy new sometimes, right? And that is okay, too. Buying new doesn’t have to be detrimental if we shop the right way. 

Hopefully these options for more ethical ways to shop are sufficient in easing any fashion related anxiety. If we start small, stick together and make an active effort to think twice about how we consume, we can ensure the mainstream becomes sustainable.

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