The Panels of the Future: Digital Discussions for Sustainable Innovation

By Caroline L Hamar, Contributor

On the 1st of October 2020 LDC are collaborating with Global Fashion Market Place for Clubhouse Fashion, an interactive virtual event about the most thought-provoking discussions and pressing topics in the future of fashion.  

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Global Fashion Marketplace is an international business development agency supporting fashion brands to reach new international markets and they do this with their signature event Clubhouse Fashion, which LDC are now a part of!

You already know all about LDC! We’ve been cutting through the noise of fast fashion with thoughtful and responsible designers, we’re trying to drive change and be the change in the fashion industry. We’re on the side of innovation so, communication and education is key. We’ve been hosting many events to challenge the industry and now we get to host an even bigger discussion!

For Clubhouse Fashion there will be two discussion panels, the first, THE PANDEMIC'S IMPACT ON SUSTAINABILITY HOSTED BY: Bunny Yan - Fashion Story-teller. We’ll be discussing what is happening in the fashion industry right now, during one of the most turbulent and disruptive years in recent history. Also, we’ll be meeting the experts in Circular Economy Development. Bunny Yan is a marketing adviser turned fashion edutainer (a educator and entertainer!) producing a fun IGTV series on fashion that highlights the fascinating side of eco & sustainability on her Instagram @sooobunny. Bunny's super power is story-telling based on human emotion & behaviour - she is able to really connect with us with the things that matter.  

This panel includes, Alessia Gotti - Sustainable textile agent, Shivang Desai - founder and ceo of Bigthinx, Akhil Sivanandan - co-founder of Green Story and Jenny Holloway - founder of Fashion Enter. 

The second is, MATERIALS OF THE FUTURE HOSTED BY: Liv Montuori - Multi-skilled Creative and Sustainability Guru. Recycle, Reuse, Repair, Reclaim, Re-purpose? After meeting the experts in Circular Economy Development we now discuss how that works in all aspects of the fashion industry. Liv Montuori is a passionate multi-skilled creative and sustainability guru trying to push the textile and fashion industries towards a more positive and transparent path. Currently working full time for a leading sport brand focusing on sustainability, Liv’s work includes developments for different artists and designers such as Pharrell Williams, Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang, Palace, Pyer Moss and more.

This panel includes, Adam Hall - Head of sustainability at Internet Fusion Group, Micheal Savarie - sustainability expert and Fernando Marin - co-founder of Airjet Global.

This event features innovation and advice from so many industries from fashion, retail, business services, technology, lifestyle products and luxury products. There are so many great opportunities for people within the industry, students, consumers eager to know more about what their buying or those already committed to sustainability! With a Q&A, speed networking, business matchmaking and more there are different ticket options to get the right experience for you.  

We hope you’re as excited for this event as we are! We always want to keep the discussions going within the industry, it’s the only way we find out what’s new and exciting but also, what really isn’t working and when something isn’t working we want to be the ones who push for a solution.

After the year we’ve all had will you join us on the 1st of October as we look to the future? It’s important, now more than ever, that we can find a space (even a virtual one) to all meet, connect with our interests, learn even more about our interests and let our voices be heard.  

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