The Future of Fashion is Fluid

By Cordelia Speed, Contributor

The British Fashion Council’s decision to pivot to a gender-neutral platform marked a revolutionary moment in fashion history. Gender-neutral style is certainly not new but it was in this moment that gender fluidity was solidified as the future of fashion.  

The merge of menswear with womenswear at London Fashion Week June signalled to the world that inclusivity is the ‘new normal’ and encouraged designers to deconstruct the notion of gender and to celebrate a world liberated from oppressive gender norms.

Lone Design Club is proud to be a platform that represents the forward-thinking creatives of our generation such as Le Slap, Yoroshiku, Senscommon, Livia Tang and Contour Jewellery who champion genderqueer fashion. Rather than jumping on a trend, inclusivity has always been at the heart of the personal mission of LDC’s designers who each explore gender-neutral fashion through their own unique lens.

The power of Le Slap lies in the fact that they recognise that ultimately gender is a construct and as they say, “we’re all human after all!”. Le Slap’s Unisex collection is all about comfort and feeling good in your own skin. Celebrating the liberation of oversized silhouettes, Le Slap puts a middle finger up to gender norms and encourages its wearers to do the same.

Yoroshiku 4649 blends Japanese streetwear with unapologetic androgyny. The pieces are playful in their pops of colour and oversized cuts which serve as a reminder that once liberated from the expectations of gender norms limitless avenues of experimentation open up before us.

Founder of Senscommon Laura Šilinska redefines modernity time and time again through her innovative designs. She perfectly captures the spirit of the modern age by harmonising minimalist values and neutral colours with the asymmetricity of her quirky silhouettes. Ever-evolving, Senscommon invites its wearers on a journey to embrace the changes of the modern world.

A common misconception about gender-neutral fashion is that it’s all about oversized pieces that hide the body rather than show it off. This notion is destroyed by Livia Tang who creates tailored, fitted pieces such as her Unisex Floral Jacquard trousers that celebrate all bodies and body types.

Contour Jewellery’s founder Sid Charity is a master at challenging expectations. Sid strikes the optimum balance between delicate and bold through his pieces which are to be worn by men, women and non-binary people alike. Each and every ring, earring and necklace is individual and beautifully unique, just like its wearer!

Ultimately, what makes Lone Design Club’s designers so special is a shared desire to create pieces that empower us to be ourselves. Producing gender-neutral clothes is about more than establishing an aesthetic, it’s about establishing a feeling of liberty and encouraging wearers to govern their own expectations about who they should be. The future of fashion is fluid and it’s here to stay!

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