The 2019 Ultimate Guide to Conscious Activewear

We all know that working out is not only good for your physical strength, but for a healthy and happy state of mind. After three weeks at our Wimbledon-themed popup, we felt more motivated than ever to hit the gym.

But endorphins aside, heading to the gym also comes with choosing the right things to wear. These 5 ethical activewear brands will make you sweat in style, comfort and simultaneously give you high-performance value. Get ready to start running, because these brands are worth moving for!



Evamoso clothing is designed for every side of you - not just working out. Simple, beautifully-fitting separates made from natural and recycled fabrics in wearable shades, they are created to work in harmony with every aspect of your life. The use of technical but tactile fabrics, such as recycled polyamide and Moso bamboo yarns, throughout the entire collection, makes these pieces perfect for everything from yoga classes to hiking trips! Explore the collection here




Peak Vigour provides contemporary gym wear for mindful training. They know that physical form is interlinked with personal style and recognise the hard work and commitment needed to achieve results both in the gym and everyday life. Peak Vigour has a holistic approach to their supply chain and their products are carefully considered at every stage from the initial design through to how they feel when you work out. Explore the collection here





Need some extra support during your workouts? KYMIRA Sport is the world’s leading producer of infrared performance and recovery enhancing sportswear. With infrared technology they have created a variety of enhancements to athletic performance as well as recovery. These results are supported by ten published independent clinical trials and have lead to their products being given medical device status in the EU, Australasia, and the US. Throughout the collection they cover every part of the body: ankle and compression socks, base layer tops and bottoms, cycle wear, and gloves. Explore the collection here




The lovely Riley Uggla founded Riley Studio in 2018, with the aim of tackling overproduction and overconsumption in the fashion industry. She wanted to build a fashion brand that changes consumers’ perceptions about sustainable clothing and makes sure style is never jeopardized. Their ultra-comfy suits cozy movie nights as well as cold morning jogging sessions. With sustainability at the core of everything ther, all clothing is designed for life, not just a season. Explore the collection here




Traveling and interacting with new places and cultures are our main source of inspiration for Asmuss. Whether hiking the Milford track, walking the lanes of Venice or drinking a Tokaji in Budapest the sisters behind Asmuss have created your go-to outfit - and certainly with style in mind. The two sisters behind the brand has made activewear season-less, cruelty free and planet-friendly - a beautiful combo if you ask us! Explore the collection here


With these brands as your beacon, choosing ethical without compromising style or comfort has never been easier. We truly hope this inspired you to eco up all your future trips to the gym!


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