Sustainability, Responsibility and Quality materials: Our jewellery brands' core values

No outfit is truly complete without a touch of sparkle.  Jewellery can help your personal style shine through.
Find out with us the sustainable and responsible practices that three of Lone Design Club's brands are employing to make their beautiful pieces, without sacrificing people's or the Planet's well-being.

Fine Luxury Jewellery

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and now based in London, Dola's jewellery encourages you to be your true self through its unique pieces. 

They focus on the high quality of the materials, making their products elegant, timeless and modern at the same time.
They come in classic and sleek shapes, all while remaining true to their Nigerian roots. 

Part of the slow-fashion movement, each of Dola's jewel is made to last a lifetime; a must-have in your collection that you can wear everyday to express your creativity and character.

At Dola you can personalize or custom-make your own piece of jewellery, so that you can buy something you truly love and will cherish forever.

Made for a social cause

Joulala is based in Berlin and creates bold and modern jewels for the curious souls.

Their aim is to make you look good, feel good and do good, as 10% of all of their proceeds is given to a selected charity organization. That way, you can have a positive impact on the world while purchasing a distinctive and quality piece.

Their entire production process is purposeful and thoughtful. Since the beginning, the jewels are designed with sustainability in mind. All the metals used like silver and gold are recycled and plated with rhodium to ensure strength, luster and durability.

Joulala values inclusivity and gender equality, and the workers and craftsmen are guaranteed fair conditions and rights. .

Where Scandinavian minimalism, the Mediterranean Sea and South of France meet. 

M.Sahlberg's designer Mia handcrafts all of the jewellery in her atelier located in the sunny south of France.

From playful statement necklaces to fine sculpted earrings, M.Sahlberg has a style for everyone; the inspiration comes from the materials themselves.

Mia works with 100% recycled silver and reuses the scraps to minimize waste. The freshwater pearls and gemstones are responsibly-sourced and the beads are handmade in Ghana from recycled glass. 

Because everything is original and made to order, the production process respects the nature and the people who work for it.
This means that each item is cared for individually and made with intention. 

See LDC's Instagram for more information about our mission to change the future of retail. View other club members, like Atelier Roc and Plain and Simple on the full schedule of brands here.

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