Sunday in Style, How to Spend the Long Weekend in Quarantine

This Weekend marks our first bank holiday weekend in quarantine, whilst the first long weekend of the year is going to be spent inside, it doesn't have to be spent catching up on emails! We've come up with ways you can enjoy your mini vacation and make the most of some well deserved time off!

Instead of heading to your favourite bar or restaurant, bring your favourite outdoor activities inside, or simply enjoy some self care time! Whether you enjoy making the most of every minute or you'd rather lay about on the sofa in your latest athleisure watching Netflix, we've got your bank holiday covered.  

Why not try your hand and get creative with one of our 'ALone Design Club' Weekend Workshops. This Easter Weekend, we are running another Make Your Own Mask workshop and Make Your Own Headband workshop. Missed out? Don't worry! All of our events are available LIVE + ON DEMAND. You can still purchase your kit, following the date of the event and make your kit following our recorded webinar!


Whether you celebrate Easter as a religious occasion or simply enjoy a good chocolate egg, Sunday Lunch is a great excuse to get a little dressed up and enjoy some quality time with those around you (or on Skype!) Sunday Lunch is better spent swanning around your flat wearing a dress and heals, cocktail in hand! Try this Georgia Hardinge Opal Mini Dress or ID's Celine Blue Knit Dress.

If there's anything the long weekend's good for it's a good drink! Dress up and enjoy your evening out, in! Friday night isn't going anywhere and neither are you, why not add some Jessica K statement earrings, like Thunders Gold to your staying in 'fit and jazz things up a bit. Heels not necessary, but strongly suggested. Try these L'Atelier de Charlotte Chaka boots.

Taking some time to get back to your workout routine, stretch out in this Leo & I Saskia zip up tank top in military green, pair it with theses Asmuss Twisted leggings and stream your favourite yoga class or get your sweat on with legs, bums and tums.

Finally, relax with a little 'You' time. Think Self Care Sunday, but with 4 days to dedicate to your beauty and relaxation routine. Start by lighting a Chelsea Candle, and work on your skin care. Feel like you're back at your favourite spa, with the Imersa Face Mask and Discovery Kit to get your skin feeling Spring fresh. This includes Cleansing Gel, Hydrating Serum and Day Cream. It’s the perfect skin care set to get you started on your journey to smoother, more supple skin. Then snuggle up with this Bianca Elgar throw and Artemluxe sleep mask, to get some beauty sleep. 

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