The colour combo for Summer '22: LIME & LILAC

Lime and Lilac is fashion's latest color combination.
Can't seem to find anything with these colours in your wardrobe?
Don't worry, we've got you covered!
Stay on top of the trend and discover The Club's new brands and products dropping this Thursday at 12pm.

Ekcentrik is a Polish brand that creates vibrant lingerie to make you feel confident and show off your crazy alter ego.
Ekcentrik's designers were inspired by the liveliness of cities like Paris, London and Berlin.
They want to bring people together and women to feel powerful, playful and confident to work all day and dance all night.
They work with Polish producers and manufacturers to support local businesses and minimise their CO2 emissions. 

Sabinna, a female-led conscious fashion brand, creates statement pieces with timeless silhouettes using natural fibers.
They focus on providing good working conditions and transparency across the supply chain. Thanks to their educational approach, they keep the customers up to date about their sustainability and social practices. By putting the environment and the people at the forefront of everything they do, inclusivity and equality are embedded in the brand itself.

Ruggism use natural materials for their handmade rugs.
Each piece is unique and made by hand by skilled artisans communities in India and Nepal.
Ruggism acts as a bridge between artists and artisans to bring life to the pieces of art.
They're committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and aim to empower the women of their artisanal communities by providing them with a stable source of livelihood.

Alyda is a petite womenswear brand that ethically produces timeless clothing for the modern woman.
Alyda means 'little winged one' in Latin, depicting one who is small but powerful at the same time.
Their limited collections of carefully crafted pieces use ethically sourced fabrics and strive to empower and encourage petite women to feel confident and beautiful throughout the years. 
Products are ethically and responsibly manufactured in the UK and their collections are curated in limited numbers to reduce waste.

Sample CM was created by French designer Margot Charbonier.
It is a conceptual sportswear brand whose pieces are tailored in their Berlin atelier with high quality artisanat and slow fashion positioning.
Each piece is handcrafted from cutting to finishing following luxury standards.
They create fully original patterns in ethical conditions, using high quality fabrics and supplies. Each and every item is distinct yet with an assured consistency in both quality and design. 

Monika Dimova, a Luxury Ready-to-Wear inspired by vintage fashion films and old glamour, aims at bringing back the femininity and elegance of these women in unique and contemporary, timeless designs.
Excellence in design and craftsmanship, the brand’s vision is to reach a new standard of quality by using carefully selected materials and textiles.
Elegance, delicacy, and sensuality collide in a single idea of luxury and are all elemental values that a Monika Dimova woman possesses.

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