LDC London Fashion Week Brand Presentations

Here at Lone Design Club we believe in providing a retail experience that goes beyond the traditional high street. As such, we strive to make all our LDC Concept Stores, as well as our London Fashion Week store, an inclusive occurrence that offers our customer so much more. As such, we are extremely excited to announce that we have partnered up with three of our featured brands for a presentation of their brand-new collections.

These events offer you the opportunity to view the collection in our carefully curated concept space. Granting you special access to a unique showcase that will leave you feeling like Anna Wintour at Fashion Week! As well as an opportunity to meet and find out a bit more about the extremely talented designers.

We’ll be starting LDC’s London Fashion Week presentations a showcase of the luxury lingerie brand Studio Pia. Ethically crafted in the UK & Europe, with a focus on fashion-led, creative design, and cruelty-free, organic silk. Every garment is designed to flatter a range of body types, achieved through adjustable sections, allowing for a personalised fit. Designs take reference from the worlds of fine art and couture, where rich colours and textures meet striking shapes, with exquisite construction and craftsmanship.

The presentations will continue with a collaborative showing of N-ue’s delicate jewellery coupled with Lily Rouse’s timeless and detailed silk garments. Conceived in 2017, N-ue is an Antwerp-based fine jewellery label with a focus on quality, sustainability and versatility. Known for their delicate pieces that can be worn every day, pieces that will stay on your skin indefinitely, the brand strives to inspire every woman to own precious fine jewellery as a form of self-expression. Join us on in store on Saturday the 15th at 12pm for an opportunity to view this presentation in partnership with Boyfriend Magazine and AOFM Pro Make-up. 

The presentations will wrap up with a showcasing of Kappe by Federica Bonifaci. A truly ‘head-turning’ brand with striking colours, edgy aesthetics and nodes to Roman artistic contexts. "Kappe" was born from Federica’s need to translate the female aesthetic, starting from the characteristics of being a woman: strength and hospitality. The brand’s iconic hood fits into the long history of clothing and remains timeless and relevant regardless of trends; it is a sophisticated garment utilized by Federica to experience and express her creativity. Join us on in store on Saturday the 15th at 5pm for an opportunity to view this presentation in partnership with Boyfriend Magazine and AOFM Pro Make-up.  

We are so excited, and you should be too! Be sure to check out all the event details on our Eventbrite page here as well as on our website and make those alterations to your calendar because these presentations are ones not to be missed!


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