LDC supports Fashion Revolution Week 2020 and Highlights the Designers #whomadeyourclothes

Fashion Revolution is a company of designers, retailers, brands, producers, journalists and trade unions who want to change fashion. But what do I mean, change fashion? Many of us are enthralled by fashion. And Fashion Revolution is full of fashion lovers, but, it tells a different story; it doesn’t insult or diminish what fashion is, rather, is highlighting how it must be better… 

Fashion is art. It is a creative form of self-expression. It goes deeper than finding something to cover your body with - the work of designers is skilled and particular. However, many parts of the fashion industry are creating clothes at a high price, and that ‘price’ is not money…

Fashion Revolution was born on 24th April 2013, when the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed and killed more than 1,100 people. It was a factory that made clothes for some of the biggest global fashion brands. The building was known and highlighted to be hazardous, however nothing was done and these workers had no choice but to keep making clothes until the worst happened, which it did. 

Since then Fashion Revolution has fought for the fashion industry to be transparent with their brands - who makes the clothes? Where is their workforce sourced from? What are the conditions of their workplace? Human rights need to be heard in the fashion industry.

Fashion Revolution Week this year is the 20th - 26th of April. It encourages brands to be open and honest about their supply chains with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes. 

This is the Lone Design Club’s declaration of #imadeyourclothes

LDC was started to allow people to connect with the processes and people behind their clothes. We are transparent with our customers so they can have confidence in the fashion they are investing into. Customers can change the fashion industry by choosing to support the brands they can be confident represent their moral interests. 

On our website the location of manufacturing for each brand is clearly listed, also we have our stamp of approval which we have designed to let the customer know about the making of their clothes; whether it be fair-trade, hand-made, traceable or responsible.   

But enough about us. Find out how you can get involved! Discover the brand's stories, join the conversation, ask questions and shop small.

We have a packed schedule of digital event and daily Instagram Lives as well as guest blog posts coming straight from the designer, direct to you. Our highlight event of the week is in Partnership with Fashion Revolution and hosted by Patrick Duffy, Founder of Global Fashion Exchange. So You Think You Know Sustainable Fashion: The Ultimate Fashion Revolution Quiz, will take you on a journey of discovery through the sustainable fashion industry and immerse you in the action. Hear the conversation and get asked the questions. With top prizes to be won from the likes of Gung Ho and Yoroshiku 4649, to name a few!

LDC TV has also taken a Fashion Revolution Week focus. On Monday, Founder Rebecca Morter will be interviewing Colombian designer Caroline Ronderos, they will be discussing supporting South American brands.

On Wednesday, COO Alice McAnulty will be talking to Sophie Slater, the Founder and Creative Director of sustainable womenswear brand, Birdsong London. Birdsong's whose message is 'dress in protest', aim to empower women. Their collection of original wardrobe staples is a 'protest in itself– against the fast nature of the fashion industry, against the obsessive pursuit of trends and against the systematic abuse of women in the production line.' A powerful message and powerful style!

Find all our brands on our designer page here and be welcomed into the transparency of our shopping experience. We are happy to answer any questions about any brand and their manufacturing process!

Keep an eye out on our social media channels for more updates. We will also be featuring more sustainable stories from our brands themselves, with guest blog posts getting featured right here. So stay tuned!

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