How to Feel Festive and Fabulous While at Home

By Phoebe J Carney, Contributor

Does the fact that all the bars are shut and there will be no fancy Christmas parties this year mean we have no option but to slouch on the couch and watch reruns of Gavin and Stacey? Absolutely not!

Christmas this year will undoubtedly be very different to what we are all used to, and being able to have all the family together in one room will be enough cause to celebrate after ten long months of separation and isolation. But because of this, there is all the more reason to make the festivities as large and as extra as Covid restrictions will allow us. I mean, what else have we go to do? If you can’t go out and join the party, bring the party to you.

The famous idiom ‘all dressed up and nowhere to go’ has really been taken to a new level of meaning in 2020, and could appropriately be all of our morning mantras. But whether you are rocking the pyjamas morning till evening or getting dolled up head to toe, do it with style! Here at LDC we are all about accessorising, and believe that a pair of gold hoops or a sassy handbag strap can make all the difference to your midweek slump! 

One way to don festivity lockdown style is by adding some bold and glamorous jewellery to your favourite pair of pyjamas. There is no better way to feel utterly chic whilst maintaining the highest level of comfort than pairing nightwear with striking accessories. Think Coco Chanel wearing her lover’s pyjamas out in public in the 1920s. Chanel, the queen of fashion, brought pyjamas out of the man’s wardrobe and onto the beaches of France and Venice, as they went from strictly bedwear seen only by the eyes of a lover, to haute couture. Shocking people of the 1920s and 30s by encouraging women to wear trousers outside of the home, and to feel comfortable while doing so, Chanel transcended the boundaries of women’s fashion with the simplest of all outfits.

A century later, her sense of daring and disregard of judgement continues to inspire us. We have a wonderful selection of silk pyjama sets that will turn your morning coffee-making routine into one that rivals Carrie Bradshaw’s stride through NYC. Not Just Pajama is a sleepwear brand that offers deep orange tones, as well as decorative patterns and elegant French style that effortlessly mixes relaxation with luxury. Top these off with a pop of colour from Alison Fern’s collection of Fruit Glass Hoop Earrings and you get the fun that is an essential part of all festive fashion!

In keeping with the Christmas tradition of decoration and accessorising, another way to fuel your holiday feels is to consider wearing your favourite bag around the house. This may seem odd, but trust us on this one. One of the best feelings when getting dressed is subtly matching your bag to your outfit, even if all that’s in there is yesterday’s apple and some scrunched up receipts. However, as a lot of us are working from home and our outings are prohibited to essential ones only, our bags might have been slightly neglected and left at the back of or wardrobes. An outfit can sometimes feel incomplete without the security of a cute little shoulder strap hugging your body.

Well, who’s to say you can’t carry your phone and glasses (and perhaps a chocolate or two) around in one while at home? A brightly coloured shoulder, bold strapped mini or oversized tote is the perfect accessory to increase your sense of productivity around the house or to accompany you on a quick trip to the shops.

This red tote bag from Bléque is the perfect accessory to brighten up any morning and is also quite festive! Oh, and did I mention it features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap? Practical yet incredibly stylish.

So, whether you channel Coco in her beau’s shirt and trousers or Rihanna strutting the streets of New York in a silk set and heels, get in the holiday mood by adding a bold and bright accessory to your everyday outfit that makes you feel good!

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