Introducing our Digital Beauty Zone with IRÉN Skin

By Aoife McAnulty, Digital Marketing & Press Intern

LDC's Beauty Zone takes a digital twist as we welcome IRÉN Skin and their beauty experts to our site.

Everyone loves to treat themselves and sometimes it's easy to forget that your skin deserves just as much love as every other part of you! After all, our skin is an organ and it needs the right nutrients. By now you're aware of Korean beauty trends but have you seen the latest developments within Japanese skincare culture? Well, we are incredibly excited to be working with our new beauty partner: IRÉN Skin who is bringing Japanese skincare to Lone Design Club.

IRÉN Skin is changing the beauty scene by incorporating both traditional Japanese ingredients and advanced technological science into one with their amazing serums. Their focus is on customisation, because, as we all know, everyone has different needs and there is no such thing as a blanket skincare routine! IRÉN’s Superfruit Booster Customised Serums redefines efficiency by empowering users to combine up to three serums of their choice.

The serums are renowned for their easy absorption thanks to the use of Ziplock Encapsulation technology which preserves the effectiveness of ingredients until they reach the epidermis layer. In this way your complexion is left flawless and glowing which is the perfect look for summer.

The ingredients used are all vegan, cruelty free and 100% clean. What we mean by this is that they include no chemicals that can damage the skin, like alcohol or parabens. Instead, all the ingredients are incredibly natural and are each aimed at tackling different types of skin issues. There are seven different serums that cater to seven different needs. For example, the skin reboot serum consists of six antioxidants that help defend against environmental damages including UV ray damage and blue light exposure.

As mentioned previously you may combine up to three serums to create a unique blend. In total, there are 35 possible combinations available, highlighting the variance of products tailored to your skin's needs.

In addition to the incredible serums, IRÉN also has two other products: the skin vaporiser and the enzyme powder wash.

The vaporiser is an extraordinary beauty tool that condenses the serums so that you can spray your face allowing for easy absorption. This tool is perfect for people who like to avoid touching their face in case any bad bacteria is spread. The tool allows you to combine multiple serums and you can even add your foundation to the mix for a lovely dewy makeup look.

The enzyme powder wash is a foam cleanser that helps to calm sensitive skin by first healing it and reducing redness, before hydrating it by repairing the natural moisture barrier. The non-drying formula consists of Japanese Rice Bran which contains enzymes and antioxidant properties, helping to exfoliate the skin leaving you with a healthy glow.

If you like the sound of these new products then make sure to head over to our LDC Digital Beauty Zone where you can learn even more about the range and the brand as a whole. Find the perfect item that's perfectly targeted to your skin type.

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