Breathing New Life into Tradition: The Success of LDC X Borough Yards Bow-Making Workshop

In the heart of London, beneath the rustic arches of Borough Yards, a vibrant community of craft enthusiasts and sustainability advocates gathered for an extraordinary event. The LDC X Borough Yards Bow-Making Workshop, expertly led by Andrea Cheong, was not merely an event but a celebration of sustainability, creativity, and traditional craftsmanship.

A Journey into Upcycling with Andrea Cheong

The workshop, an evening of creativity and upcycling, was beautifully orchestrated by Andrea Cheong, known for her love of vintage textiles and her advocacy for sustainable fashion. Our guests were immersed in the world of vintage fabrics, ribbons, and lace, learning how to craft exquisite bows while delving into the importance of upcycling and learning a new, fun method to repurpose ribbons and fabrics they may have at home.

Crafting Creativity and Consciousness

As participants twisted, tied, and stitched, the air was filled with a sense of purpose and creativity. Each completed bow was a testament to the skills learned, and the sustainable practices championed throughout the session. Moreover, a select group of influencers added their unique touch by creating personalised cushions, demonstrating the endless possibilities of sustainable materials.

The event was enhanced by the delightful offerings of Tread Softly, Australia's leading sustainable rosé wine, embodying the spirit of moderation and care for the environment. The choice of refreshments mirrored the ethos of the workshop—every element was thoughtfully selected to emphasise the importance of sustainability.

This workshop is just one of our many initiatives to promote sustainable practices within the fashion and design industries. We’re committed to spotlighting independent makers and designers, prioritising buying well and exploring repair and upcycling options too. The collaboration with Borough Yards and the Stonecutters Lane project is a perfect example of how spaces and brands can come together to support a greener future.

At our fashion and lifestyle pop-up boutiques, every designer we feature is carefully selected based on their commitment to these values. From using recycled materials to embracing slow fashion, each designer has transparency at heart. Customers looking to support these environmentally conscious creators can explore a curated selection of items both on our website and in our immersive pop-up stores, where the story behind each piece is as compelling as its design.