2020 Gift Guide: LDC's Top Jewellery Picks

By Caroline L Hamar, Contributor

Sometimes it can be hard to get into the Christmas mood before December, especially this year! However, now we know we’re going to be able to meet up with loved ones (carefully composing our Christmas Bubble!) We can start to think about the normal Christmas stresses - gifts!

For our 2020 gift guide we’re focusing on, Jewellery. Jewellery has always been listed as the “classic” gift. It becomes a symbol of friendship, family and love, a perfect romantic gesture or capturing a connection in a tangible object. Also, after the separation of this year, people are looking for gifts which can have that wow-factor but also can be personal, which we think can be found in the language of jewellery. Let us introduce some of our jewellery brands, all hand crafted and sustainably sourced. But, it’s not all about romance and ‘what women want’… We also want to point out some specific pieces to spark your imagination!

Tiana Jewel

This brand provides the ultimate statement piece featuring one-of-a-kind, raw beauty from crystals. This jewellery allows you to also gift people your wishes for them, as it were, with the Crystal Healing Chart. Each crystal has a specific energy and power; the Amethyst attracts creativity, cleansing and intuition, Fools Gold is about luck and confidence, whilst the Rose Quartz radiates love and emotional healing. So, let someone know you’re thinking of them and guarding them into the new year! The necklaces, such as, the Statement Snowflake Stalactite Gemstone or the Raw Amethyst Cluster Gemstone have a powerful aura and also, a powerful style. It’s great for the people you know who love to make a statement with their clothing. Whilst the Rose Quartz Gemstone Heart Shaped Necklace is a romantic sentiment without making the obvious choice.

Jewel Tree London

Inspired by architectural designs these cufflinks, created in Notting Hill, are elegant, yet add a styling punch to any business attire. From their Urban Collection, the Urban Cufflinks are available in Red, Green or Black Onyx, whilst the Hive cufflinks in 18ct gold can be personalised on request, with a cityscape inspired staggered surface, these are a little more glamorous. Both are unisex, so when we do get back to the office, or even just another video call, there can be a little bit of personalised details on those cuffs. Jewel tree also offers a range of other jewellery like the 


Do you know someone who has missed the outside world? Who hasn’t! But more specifically, the coffee shops and the holidays, we have two necklaces from Fremiot which are not only beautifully subtle, but capture these little moments we have been missing. Both sterling silver and gold plated, the World Charm Necklace and Coffee Bean Necklace, are both great symbols of things we love and what we hope to get back to. Or, perhaps a romantic gift with the Gold Bracelet with Shell Charm or Natural Shell; a token of adventures and paradises still to come, or the holidays - and honeymoons - missed this year, but that you will definitely get to! Their delicate jewellery, hand crafted in Italy, is a display of gold plated personality.

Awake Concept

This brand has a commitment not only to high quality watches but to sustainability; created in France using 100% recycled materials. Their watches in the mens collection, such as, Blue Reef, Wild Brown and Green Witch are all inspired by different adventures, whether it be the sunsets in new lands, the ocean splash or the Japanese forests. These are watches which are calling for you to pay more attention to your time and how you use it. We have all been evaluating the things we want to do, this year especially, these designs help you to get out there! Or inspire someone you might know to get out there… Also, the Awake 01 collection is the most successful eco-responsible watch on earth, through 18 months of research and development!


When we think of this brand we think of the sassy sister or the diva daughter; the Instagram savvy young woman with a style to flaunt! The chunky chains and sparkling crystals has confidence and glamour all over it! It’s a perfect choice for when the parties start again or clubs and bars open up. We love their Madonna Necklace with massive droplets of kundan crystals, the Fatima chandelier earrings with Rainbow Moonstone and the Bonita Necklace with three tiers of red garnet. All their pieces radiate the beauty of the East and are soaked in heritage, they feel regal and we’re sure there are many women out there to deserve to feel that way this season!

Alison Fern

A London based brand whose designs which are affordable with a touch of luxe; their Say My Name Mini Letter Necklaces in silver or gold (also available as earrings) are a lovely way to express yourself or your feelings for another. The beauty of this is, they don’t have to be your own initials or the initials of the person you're buying it for; you could buy two and wear each other’s initials. Whether it be a relationship, friendship or family, in a year of separation this is a lovely reminder of connection and commitment. It could also be the initial of a newborn or a partner for the wedding which couldn’t take place, it’s a simple idea with a lot of meaning within it. Their single hoop earrings, such as the strawberry or pepper, also make for a unique present!

Carolina Wong

The ultimate romantic jewellery; gold and pearls. A statement of love. We have to put in a clearly romantic choice, although throughout this list we have hinted at different ways to offer something unique to your partner. This brand combines a sustainable lifestyle, cult, and heritage into wearable art. The 14K Gold-filled Freshwater Baroque Pearl Earrings are an intricately elegant statement of romance. With gold crocheted wiring intricately enclosing a lustrous rainbow coloured pearl, which shimmers in the light; they are truly unique. Along with the 14k Gold-Filled Stud option! We’re not saying that diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friends but, maybe she has a very exclusive inner circle… And pearls are definitely invited!

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