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Discover our Event and Meet the Speakers - the State of Retail for Independents

LDC kicks off 2021 with its first digital gathering for big thinkers, bringing you a live discussion on the state of retail. What will the post Covid look like for independent brands across online...

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How the retail and buying world is changing

BY ROBERTA DE MARTINO The new year is coming, we all know there have been a lot of changes and we will have to be ready for more, even more so after the post...

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BY ARIANA CINI With over 1.4 million deaths worldwide, COVID-19 is significantly impacting nearly every corner of our society in unprecedented ways. The disruptions caused by the pandemic are devastating: our world has...

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Christmas Shopping in the COVID Era

  BY ARIANA CINI Brace yourself, Christmas is almost upon us! It is the most awaited moment of the year; the magical season that inspires a great deal of excitement, but at the...

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Times of Crisis = Opportunity and Innovation

  BY ARIANNA CINI Retail in the time of Covid-19. The coronavirus outbreak has impacted the retail industry visibly and heavily.A record number of stores had to close; we are talking about a total...

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The LDC Accelerator Launches 3 Part Series in SEO Support for Independent Brands

Having a clear marketing strategy is crucial for any business and keeping it on top of it is crucial for any business owner. 

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The back issues of our weekly brand newsletter are now available here to browse.  We give you the full low down on what's happening in the industry, all the ins and outs, tidbits of info we get sent and of course the LDC community. 

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