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How Video Games are Taking Over the Fashion World

Image source: https://www.vogue.co.uk/arts-and-lifestyle/article/fashion-and-gaming How Video Games are Taking Over the Fashion World By Roberta De Martino, Arianna Cini There is an increasing number of the individuals that at least once in their life have...

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Is a sustainable event possible?

By Arianna Cini TEDx is a company that brings its strong spirit and ethical values to local communities around the globe through TEDx events, which are organized by passionate individuals who are always trying...

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The New London Fashion Week - what can we expect?

Although we are very much in the midst of an accelerating digital age, it is important that we don’t forget the power of maintaining a physical presence. It’s safe to say that fashion...

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The Retail Renaissance

Retail has changed drastically over the past few years. Even before the pandemic the state of retail was shifting - stores were closing all over the place as a greater focus has shifted...

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