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#looktothefuture Strategies for Emerging from Covid-19

Inspired by the raft of useful information flooding my inbox from the media and my network and this recent sad photo I took in Central London, I thought I’d consolidate some of the...

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Taking Your Collections Digital with Visore

We knew that digitisation was going to radically change the fashion industry, but few could have anticipated how rapidly companies would be forced to adopt a digital-first mentality. In their recent joint publication...

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Our COVID-19 Designer Survival Guide

We have put together a short article on our findings, thoughts and insights surrounding the current virus situation specifically for designers, small businesses and brands. We hope it helps your small business survive these troubling...

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Guest Blog: 10 Tips for Using Trade Marks To Protect Your Business by Sheridans Law

Using Trade Marks To Protect Your Business Your brand is the part of your business that communicates to the outside world who you are, the quality of your goods and services, and your...

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Calling All Fashion Founders: Learn from the Experts at Fashion Heaven Inc

Hear from Fashion Heaven, Head Hunters and Brand Consultants and partners of Lone Design Club this LFW.    In our upcoming London Fashion Week event, we discuss the strategies involved in successfully scaling...

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