LDC x NLC: Politics vs Fashion, A Debate on Sustainability

Date: 24th November 2020

Time: 6.30pm-8pm

Location: Online

This event is free to attend.


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What does politics have to do with fashion and how can they, together, make an impactful change on the environment? Join us to find out.

Undeniably, ‘sustainability’ is THE hot topic of the fashion industry. Whether you’re a customer or a creator, however, determining what this really means, while creating a product people really want and need can be a challenge.

LDC are hosting a live debate considering politics role in making sustainable change. We will be discussing who's responsibility this is and how we can see change take place. This event will feature the likes of designers and politicians who will argue their cases. Come to be a part of the discussion; to be educated and to have your say.

The National Liberal Club has been a bastion for broadly Liberal values ever since, with an ethnically and socially diverse membership since its launch in the 1880s, and being the first of London’s major “gentlemen’s clubs” to admit women.

The Club remains liberal in the broadest sense. As befitting ‘the most inclusive club in London’, we have an LGBT+ group and business forum along with various cultural and sporting circles.

We have partnered with their Sustainability Forum to bring you this discussion.

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