Are you an LDC customer looking to get more involved in our community? Now you can.


Our loyal customers have always been one of our favorite parts of building the Lone Design Club community. We're excited to see you at each store opening and can't wait to show you the new brands that have joined. We also love how excited you get to show your friends the store and share the stories of our designers with your network. Now, we're ready to take our relationship to the next level. 

Become an LDC Ambassador

By joining as an LDC Ambassador, you'll be the first to know about where our upcoming stores will be and which designers we'll be showcasing. You'll get first dibs on tickets to all of our events, and an exclusive invite to private experiences. Also, you'll receive dedicated invitations to be able to share the store with your friends and family. Basically, you're in the loop on all things LDC. 


Interested? Get in touch here.

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