LDC Accelerates x Make Us Care: How to put your Purpose Story into Practice

Date: 7th April 2021

Time: 4pm-5pm GMT

Location: Online

This event is free to attend.

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A masterclass series with LDC x Make Us Care that will help you tell your brand's unique story in a new, creative way. 

Founders, we see you. Working hard. Making things happen. You want to build a brand people care about. You don’t just want to sell to your audience, you want them to truly buy into your brand. The 5 Stories will help you get there.

5 Stories: How to put your Purpose Story into Practice

Purpose. As founders and marketers, we all know we need it. But actually, implementing it and talking about it? That’s where things get a l​ittle​ trickier...

As a creative partner for startup and scaleup brands, “how do you balance purpose with profit?” is one of the top questions Make Us Care get asked. That, and how to share your brand purpose with sincerity.

In this one-hour storytelling workshop, they’ll be sharing their practical pointers to owning and sharing your brand purpose. You’re going to learn:

● How to help your team understand the importance of purpose

● THE questions to ask yourself when establishing your Purpose Story

● How to create purpose-driven marketing within the context you exist in

● And how to back it up with data and insights from the people who matter most: your customers

You can take part in one or join all 6 for the full experience + knowledge. Come prepared and ask all questions you've ever wanted to be answered.

Sign up now and join us on Zoom for this informative discussion. Membership currently free for a limited time offer if you sign up to this class!

About Make Us Care

Make Us Care is a strategic creative partner that helps turn businesses into brands people care about. They work with founders and marketing teams at the likes of Soldo​, K​oru Kids,​ ​Nimble​ and A​irhead​ to listen, learn and communicate better.

About LDC Accelerates

LDC Accelerates is a platform that connects designers and experts providing tools and information to help independent brands scale and grow successful businesses.

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