Ware London

Art for your body

“We want you to feel powerful, special, unique. Because you are.” Emma Ware’s unique approach to jewellery design is born of a desire to celebrate the human spirit. Inspired by how a piece feels to wear and the curves and angles of the human body, this is adornment that appeals to the senses.  
Ware’s materials are chosen to be biodegradable/recycled/repurposed. This includes packaging: recycled cardboard boxes, biodegradable bubblewrap and tape. Their processes and production are selected for their minimal impact; we make in-house or outsource locally and in the UK.

Founder - Emma Ware

Emma’s first designs were born in a warehouse in Hackney Wick, the process and material reflecting the environment – a vibrant, creative, magical community existing temporarily between industry and development, the perfect place to rebel against a career that repressed creative freedom. Emma’s background in arts and film-making needed an outlet and used bicycle inner tubes provided the material inspiration. Without knowing where it would lead, freedom and celebration was allowed to rule and Ware London was born.

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