Maari Porto Cervo

Leading the wave of change with sustainable luxury swimwear

MAARÏ stands for ‘Sea’ in Sardinian language and carries the honest and intense soul of the island. Authenticity shaped for the brave and strong woman that feels the sea calling and never denies it her presence. MAARÏ Conscious Collections are devoted  to preserving and improving the health of our oceans by using 100% eco-sustainable luxurious Italian fabrics.  Each MAARÏ swimsuit is handmade in Italy by a team of skilled artisans with over 50 years experience in the luxury fashion industry.  

Co-founders - Maria and Frederica

Maria and Federica were raised on the stunning shores of Costa Smeralda and after a life spent on the waves, they grew tired of compromising on product quality and values when looking for swimwear. This is how they decided to create the most innovative and fashion-forward swimwear and resort wear that makes women shine from the inside.



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