Humphries and Begg

Creating items they love to wear themselves. The shapes are loose and comfortable, statement but relaxed. 

Humphries & Begg focus on creating comfortable and relaxed silhouettes with a lot of loose shapes and room for movement. Their cotton collection is easy enough for everyday wear, yet their bold prints certainly make a statement. Much of their collection is unisex, and can simply be rolled up or down to fit anyone.

Robbie Humphries & Alice Begg, Humphries and Begg at Lone Design Club

Founders- Alice Begg and Robbie Humphries 

"As more brands start to use organic fair trade fabrics the easier and more common they will be to source." - Alice Begg, Co-Founder

Passionate about print husband and wife duo Alice Begg and Robbie Humphries design boldly printed clothing for the everyday. Alice designs all the prints in a playful naive style. These are then screen printed onto 100% natural fabrics by a small team in Jaipur, India. The method means there are always minor imperfections giving the clothes a unique hand crafted, organic feel.

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