Auli is a concept perfume brand that is driven by creativity, aesthetics and intuition. AULI is rooted in a place named AULI, the ‘bugyal of Himalaya’, meaning Valley of flowers of Himalaya. The bugyal is endowed with more than 500 species of flowering plants and innumerable others.

Auli takes a highly individual style to create unique fragrances for homes and living spaces. They’re passionate about their raw material and only use very high quality, rare, exotic and precious ingredients in their perfumes. 

All of Auli's products are made in their workshop in London. Their 100% natural wax candles are hand-poured, all fragrances are filtered and matured for at least 6 months. Their fragrances go through a long process from conception of an idea–translating it into perfume sketches– a quest for right raw materials–perfecting the formula- And when they have their final perfume they keep it to mature for several months.

Auli calls our special ceramic ‘ceramico’ as it’s created by their special master craftsmen in Manesis, Valencia, Spain. The town is famous for its century’s old ceramic industry. Their ceramic is specially created to diffuse accompanying home fragrances. The intricate AULI monogram is etched beautifully by the craftsmen in their workshop in Spain.

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