Self Love and Indulgence with Je Joue, this Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day comes and goes each year and many people have an instinctive reaction to it. Some love it, some hate it, for some it’s a good excuse for a girls night out, for others it’s the chance to have a romantic evening with their significant other. But for everyone this year, it will be spent inside.

So this Valentine's Day, to make the most of it, Lone Design Club have partnered with luxury sex toy brand, Je Joue. Instead of focusing on the dreaded ‘c’ word, let’s focus on love, taking a look at the perfect companion to have any day or night of the year.

Je Joue is a sophisticated and sensual sex toy company, with expertly designed toys of the highest quality. Their products intend to empower the user to discover a whole new world of intimacy and pleasure.

Their mission is to bring this discussion around sex into mainstream conversations and we couldn’t agree more. Once you try their luxurious, soft products that really pack some power, you’ll never want to leave your house again. 

The brand mission isn't the only thing that's great about Je Joue. They have taken pleasure into consideration in every aspect. In their creation, the designers listed the advice of expert engineers and gynaecologists, now if that's not a dream team, I don't know what is. The motor in the Je Joue products is what sets them far a part from other brands, and gives you the best possible experience.

Seeing an opportunity to improve conventional vibrators, the designers created an innovative and one of a kind motor that vibrates at a unique low frequency, giving a deep, rumbling sensation that travels throughout the body. These sensations access pleasure points that other vibrators can’t. The feeling is deep and you can choose the strength to suit your needs whether it's just a foreplay tease or your looking for full blown screaming orgasms, this nifty gadget has got you covered. 

Our favourite is the Mimi, coming in a variety of colours to suit any preference it is a clitoral vibrator offering all of the external stimulation pleasure of Mimi but with an added layer of  

velvety soft and flexible silicone, complete with five vibration and pulsation patterns - perfect for beginners and aficionados alike. Settle in for an evening for yourself, gift to a partner, or bring into the bedroom to spice things up a little, the Mimi is sure to satisfy your needs.

Thanks to Je Joue, staying home just got a lot more interesting and when lockdown ends we still might not want to leave. Check out Je Joue and their incredible range of toys, suitable for a little self love on Valentine's Day, or any time of year, because why confine screaming orgasms to just one day of the year?

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