Meet Tiana Jewel: Combining the Healing Power of Crystals with Stylish Jewellery 

Meet Tiana Jewel, the bohemian jewellery designer creating power healing crystal pieces that are completely unique.  Inspired by the natural world she combines the healing power of crystals with modern design to create styles you won’t find anywhere else. 

Tiana Jewel is redefining what jewellery truly means; Not just in the way the exaggerated shapes and stones used throughout her collections challenge the dainty jewellery we are used to seeing, but by showing us what accessories can do for your well-being and mindset. The mesmerising stoned pieces glimmer like newly found treasure, making them every magpies dream, but there is more meaning and depth to the stones that originally draw you in.  Each stone or crystal embedded, from earrings to cuffs have a healing properties that can be used to enhance creativity or reduce anxiety amongst other healing powers. Delve deeper into Tiana Jewels collection and find a piece that will not only elevate your style but bring you some comfort in a time you might need it the most. 

What's something that makes your brand unique? 
Each crystal has unique healing powers, and in fact each crystal is unique and one of a kind, hand picked and curated by us. We also love statement pieces to help you stand out from the crowd to enable you to be the most unique and individual you.

What is your bestselling style?

Our bestsellers are our guardian angel sea green agate ring and our hearts of fire pyrite gemstone ring & bracelet. 

This gorgeous, adjustable green agate cuff bracelet will balance your yin-yang energy and will protect, calm and heal you. Agate is known as a stone of strength and may enhance creativity and strengthen intellect. The pyrite gemstone ring is elegant yet understated. Pyrite is a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Like a protective father figure, pyrite may shield, protect and can even help you make thoughtful decisions.

What are the ethical values your brand stands for?
Our earrings and necklaces are handmade in our London studio and our rings are manufactured by a family business in Brazil; This ensures that the finest quality of craftsmanship goes into every product. 

What's one thing you're looking forward to in 2021?
We are looking forward to launching our mama and me collection, a mum & teen collection with boho beach vibes!

We're sure that you are going to want to know more about this exciting brand so come and meet Tiana Jewel on Thursday 21st January at 3pm where she will be going live on our Instagram to show us all the behind the scenes of Tiana Jewel and for a Q&A session

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the designer behind Tiana Jewel. But that's not all. We're telling more brands stories every day from the 13-28 Jan here and on our Instagram. Check out the full schedule of brands here.  

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