Delving into the fashion and gaming world

As you already know, London Fashion Week is about to end: more than 90 designers have showed their collections on the digital platform of LFW, where you could find the schedule and see the show “front row” attending with Google Meet or similar programs.
That’s what brands had to do to adapt to the new situation and find a way to connect to the consumers and making them part of these events. Maybe it’s not the same, as live events bring you directly into the brand world, but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be funny.

After all, one positive thing is that now everyone can attend their favorite show as most of them are usually by invitation.

Moreover, brands have integrate other ways to present their new collections, like fashion films: for example Gucci has created a mini-serie called ‘Ouverture Of Something That Never Ended’, in which you could discover the new collection episode by episode, or the Alexander Mc Queen SS21 one, which resume 2020 mood in the best way with it’s gloomy and cold scenario.

But since this modality became mainstream, creative directiors always find new ways to differentiate theirselves. If a few time ago ‘fashion’ and ‘gaming’ in the same sentence seemed like a typo, in this period these two realities are closer than ever. We bet you have already heard about fashion brands who collaborated with the most famous videogames, to name a few:

Louis Vuitton created a collection for League of Legends, with some skins for the characters, or Animal Crossing New Horizons, lately very popular, which allowed to have luxury clothes like Off-White, Dior, Supreme through QR codes. Or more, Travis Scott had a concert on Fortnite (which recorded an increase in downloads just for the event and reunited 12 millions of players) and did a capsule collection dedicated to the event composed by t- shirts, sweaters and game accessories.

This could surely be a good way to make people interact directly with their favorite brands and afford something in reality they can’t have, getting to a new part of the public which could be a potential future buyer. Not to mention it’s a much more sustainable option for all.

A negative aspect is that not everyone is informed about videogames or, in general about the internet world and if a brand chooses this way to promote a collection, older people, who maybe are already current buyers could miss it.

To discuss about these aspects, LDC partenered with INTERLACED, retail and beauty. INTERLACED is the space that brings together startups, established a media, consultancy and events platform highlighting the most innovative developments for the future of fashion, companies, academia and the public for discussion about the next wave of the industry. With marketing and strategy background as well as a deep understanding of digital channels.

We invited Interlaced founder, Kristina Dimitrova, and more industry leaders in the world of digital-fashion, gaming and e-commerce to address how fashion’s evolving relationship with gaming and discuss how virtual worlds and virtual goods present a real opportunity for stakeholders in the industry.

Join LDC and Interlaced's digital panel discussion as we delve into the world of fashion and gaming and look at how it's becoming mainstream, followed by a Q&A session.

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