Zero Waste Week: 3 Brands Reducing Their Waste

Did you know it’s Zero Waste Week? We’re highlighting our independent brands’ efforts to minimise their waste and their footprint while keeping innovative design at the forefront of each collection. Read our brand’s stories below.


Lone Design Club Sabinna

While Sabinna has always had a focus on natural and sustainable materials, Last year they started to address topics like waste within their own supply chain.


“We began to create accessories using our own waste, such as jewellery pieces made out of buttons that were not used during production, by adding glass beads. Or scrunchies made out of fabric off cuts. Everything that's now left from production we try to turn into new products. As part of our new collection, we're also planning on releasing offcut pillow cases in order to make even more use of our offcuts. Whatever's left we store at our studio and either reuse for custom orders or use to brainstorm new design ideas.”
- Sabinna Rachimova, Founder of Sabinna


Sabinna recently also started to offer their leftover fabrics to customers for free for their own DIY purposes. All you need to do is pay for shipping. Interested? Email us at



Lone Design Club Yoroshiku
In 2016 Yoroshiku has introduced the premium range #BirtishBuilt; the radical new range of comfortable streetwear entirely designed and produced in the UK. YUM has traveled across Britain to select only the best materials and most skillful craftsmen and to inspect every step of manufacturing while supporting the local family businesses.


This means Yoroshiku has more control over the waste too - leftover fabric scraps are collected from manufacturer after the end of each production and being used to create ‘4649 Upcycling’ pieces which are all uniquely handcrafted.


“We keep leftover fabrics from the manufactures to create 'Yoroshiku Upcycled' one-off pieces. Especially for our #BritishBuilt collection entirely designed & produced in UK, we would love to make use of each and every bits of lovingly crafted fabrics to share to the world.”
- Yumi Sakaki, Yoroshiku Creative Director


Blonde Gone Rogue

Blonde Gone Rogue

 "Our inspiration at Blonde Gone Rogue comes from traveling, pursuing adventures and exploring the world's diversity. This is why we work hard to make sure our products are good for people and the environment! We are always looking for ways to minimize waste. Our latest collection "Love Me Again" is made entirely from deadstock fabrics we found abandoned in sewing factories. We gave them new life so that they can find love once again. Our SS19 collection was made from sustainable cupro fabrics and deadstock cotton, all of which are biodegradable materials. Next to this, all our T-shirts with playful slogans come from recycled organic cotton mixed with recycled plastic bottles."

- Denitsa, Blonde Gone Rogue Co-Founder


Blonde Gone Rogue's new collection "Love Me Again" is made entirely from deadstock fabrics and is debuting on the 16th of September during the second week of Lone Design Club's London Fashion Week store this September.


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