Lone Design Club Celebrates World Oceans Day

This week on the 8th of June Lone Design Club celebrated World Oceans Day, whose purpose is to inform about humans' environmental impact and the importance of oceans for all life on Earth; it calls to action the world's population on the sustainable management of the oceans. Our latest store design featured a window filled with plastic bottles, a reminder of the devastating amounts of plastic polluting our oceans. Discover below how some of our brands are raising awareness and tackling the problem of ocean plastic by using sustainable practices and materials.

ECONYL®, a fabric made from recycled fishing nets regenerated from the ocean.

Our brands Oceanus SwimwearSelia Richwood and Horizon Athletic, all use this ocean-friendly fabric to make their unique and versatile pieces.

Oceanus' mission is to redefine swimwear while empowering women with self-expression, confidence and glamour. Inspired by 80s evening wear and embroidered with Swarovski crystals, their pieces are sure to turn heads.

Selia Richwood's swimwear line uses recycled yarn as well as ECONYL®. This brand combines contemporary designs with luxurious details and fabrics to create beautiful, long lasting swimsuits.

Horizon Athletic is concerned with raising awareness about the plastic waste in our oceans. Their Athleticwear and Swimwear are made with Econyl® woven with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, making it extremely durable. They additionally use reusable and biodegradable packaging, so that no additional plastic ends up in the oceans. 

More on Econyl®

Econyl® is a 100% recycled fiber made from pre and post-consumer nylon waste, most of it consisting of abandoned fishing nets. The waste is recovered from the oceans, which are cleaned up in the process, and is then transformed into a yarn that has the same properties as virgin nylon. By reusing already existing materials, Econyl® achieves circularity, avoids the emissions coming from the production of new nylon and prevents more waste from polluting the oceans. Finally, removing fishing nets saves the thousands of marine animals like dolphins and turtles that die every year from getting trapped in the abandoned nets.

Turning plastic bottles into activewear

Girlfriend Collective's materials are made out of 100% post consumer plastic water bottles as well as fishing nets, which would have originally gone to landfill or the ocean; their packaging is also 100% recyclable.
From activewear to swimwear, from intimates to accessories, you can be sure to find high quality products without sacrificing sustainability and ethicalness.

Pre-loved sea pearls

Amadeus Bijoux hand produce jewellery in their London studio, using sea pearls that are pre-loved and sourced from vintage accessories.
Pearl farming can be damaging to the environment, as unsustainable oyster stock densities harm the oceans and marine life, just like pollution and human impact do. 
These elegant jewels are not only made with second-hand pearls, but all of the gold, silver and gemstones they use are recycled!

See LDC's Instagram for more information about our mission to change the future of retail. View other club members, like Atelier Roc and Plain and Simple on the full schedule  of brands here.  

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