Having hosted over 75 pop up boutiques to date and enabling over 800 brands from around the world to connect with conscious shoppers, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Westfield London. Together, we empower brands to take their next big leap by launching their very own pop-up boutiques.


Approximately five years ago on 26th May, Lone Design Club was born.  Frustrated by the lack of routes to market for small sustainability-minded brands to get their products in front of curious customers and grow their businesses, along with limited industry support, LDC’s  Founder Rebecca set about to build a platform that would change the way retail had been done. With one simple mission in mind - to empower any brand, anywhere in the world with access to be able to have a space in a prime retail location to meet their shoppers in real life. A home; A destination; Curious spaces popping up all over the UK to celebrate and showcase under-the-radar, innovative and conscious brands - Enter Lone Design Club.

Now supporting over 800 brands, Lone Design Club empowers them to take the reins and pop up in one of our beautiful curated pop up boutiques, full of multiple brands across fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle. It is with great pleasure for both Rebecca and Lone Design Club to partner with Westfield London in empowering our brands to take their next step - to have the opportunity to have their very own pop up store for a maximum of 1 year within one of the esteemed Westfield Shopping Centres around the world. We are delighted to announce this prize as The Westfield Grand Prix.

"Sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity in the fashion industry. Designers must embrace ethical practices and prioritise sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of their creations."

- Rebecca Morter, Founder of Lone Design Club

A COLLECTIVE EFFORT - Supporting the next generation of conscious brands

In June 2021 Lone Design Club hosted its first ever pop up in Westfield London, after winning The Fashion District Retail Futures Award. With a partnership underway, it has been an immensely exciting journey introducing more and more independent and sustainably minded brands to the centre.

Join us in celebrating 'Good Festival.' As part of this festival, we are thrilled to invite you to our third pop-up concept store ‘The Glass House’ in partnership with Westfield London and step into a retail revolution which brings together an incredible community of brands and consumers. Our immersive retail experience is designed to educate and inspire conscious consumerism. Within our curated space, you will have the opportunity to explore the latest collections from cutting-edge brands that are redefining the landscape of fashion. From the innovative designs of Storm Label to the ethereal creations of 12.5mm and the unique style of Strawberry Western, these brands represent the pinnacle of sustainable and conscious fashion.


Shopping small is more important now than ever before. By supporting independent brands, you contribute to their growth and enable them to continue making a positive impact.

Our community of conscious shoppers and brands is core to Lone Design Club’s DNA and we want your help in deciding the winner for this fantastic prize! That’s why we are calling on you, our community.

Together, with Westfield, we are on the lookout for an innovative and eco-conscious food, fashion, beauty, home, leisure, and services brand to win a highly sought-after retail space at one of our top-tier UK retail destinations.

This exciting competition, which originated in France in 2007, is dedicated to uncovering pioneering and revolutionary retail ideas. Now, it's spreading its wings across France, UK, Spain, Germany, and Austria, giving exceptional brands from these countries an incredible opportunity to participate. If your brand, or know of one who is passionate about sustainability and offers innovative products or services, now is the time to take advantage of a fantastic opportunity. Showcase your offerings to a wide audience at Westfield's prestigious retail locations!