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Welcome to our brand new feed. Here we will be telling you a little more about what we do and how we do it, shining the spotlight on our inspiring designers and products we love, sharing industry news we find important and interesting, as well as generally talking all things fashion, future and retail.

We are The London Designers Collective – We unite independent designers in hosting experience led concept stores, and create a resource sharing community. We connect independent fashion + lifestyle brands to their direct audiences, empowering consumers to discover + shop independent, transparent and unique product.

Since 2016 we’ve been revolutionising retail + the way we consume. All our brands are local, independent labels, fuelled by nothing but passion. We create short term concept stores appearing for 1-2 weeks at a time anywhere across London, creating a platform for consumers to discover + shop from independent brands with traceable and mindful practices, selling unique, exclusive + one of a kind items incomparable to that on the high street. From basement-loomed British wool knitwear where every piece is 100% unique, to bamboo underwear with antibacterial properties made here in the UK or cauldron mixed candles hand poured in East London, we connect these brands directly to you.

Each of our stores are an opportunity to share the best in independent fashion + lifestyle labels, created by exceptional young entrepreneurs spanning the full spectrum of London. We create a retail platform with a mind to the future.

As a collective, not only do we want to provide concept stores for independent designers to directly reach their customers, but we aim to be a platform for information sharing within our emerging community. This is our first step in growing that platform so we welcome all comments, suggestions and debate.

After an exciting 2017, with 4 pop-ups, 2 fashion week events and a fast growing community of designers, consumers and industry professionals, we are stepping it up even more in 2018. Look out for more of our concept stores across London, events and resource sharing opportunities.

Welcome to LDC – Experiential Concept Stores + Empowering Community.

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