Transparency in supply chains: Are you sure your fur is faux?

This week large fashion retailers, including Boohoo and TK Maxx, have come under fire for selling real fur labeled as fake, claiming that even they are having difficulty spotting the difference. They are being accused of misleading British consumers into purchasing real fur from foxes, rabbits, chinchillas and minks, after mislabeling their products as faux. Nothing about this is OK, whether done unknowingly or not. Consumers have a right to know where their products come from and how they are made, to be able to make informed decisions. By not being clear about this information, customers are no longer in control of what their money is contributing to. When even the retailer is unclear about basic facts, then we really do need to re-think how we shop.

Through its concept stores, LDC not only empowers designers to reach new audiences, but also empowers the consumer to make well-informed decisions on what they are buying. All of our brand partners are independent, fuelled by passion for creating exciting products. They are incredibly transparent, and can (and will!) tell you exactly what materials were used and how the product was made. Oftentimes the designer personally sources the materials to find the highest quality and most ethically sourced options, and, if they don’t physically make the product themselves, they have carefully selected workshops that they work closely with. This product knowledge is becoming increasingly important in a time where the retail landscape is becoming ever confusing.  Fast fashion is booming, supply chains are growing, spreading across the world, and accountability is blurred. Do you really know who made your clothes? Do you know if they were sustainably and ethically made? As big brands grow, and with it their supply chains, sometimes even the retailer isn’t 100% sure what they are selling you. Another reason to veer off the high street and seek smaller labels who CAN tell the difference.

See the full story, as investigated by Sky News and Human Society International here:

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