The Sustainable Lifestyle Awards: Changing the Face of Fashion

Sustainability is at the forefront of everyone's minds (or if it's not, it should be!)



Fingers are constantly being pointed at the fashion industry with the effects of fast fashion being hugely detrimental to the environment. Fast fashion brands are enabling people to buy quick, cheap items, only to be worn once then thrown away. From to start to finish, unethically produced and harmfully resourced materials have an effect on those creating them and the environment. This is something we want to address. Fashion is a crucial part of everyone's life, these luxuries aren't something that we necessarily need to cut out of our lives, but making a conscious change will revolutionise retail will challenge its current reputation. Empowering its makers and reducing the impact that other industries cause on the environment, e.g. recycling plastic bottles to create swimwear.


But, what changes can we make to reduce our impact on the world?


With recent headlines featuring the likes of Greta Thunberg's travels across the Atlantic Ocean in a zero carbon footprint boat, it's clear that the next generation is future focused. They are driving the change to challenge our current standards. It's exciting to see these developments happening, but what does that mean for us?


Also in recent news, peaceful protest group, Extinction Rebellion have sent a letter to the British Fashion Council requesting that they cancel London Fashion Week and that, in its place, the industry plans a “People’s Assembly of industry professionals and designers as a platform to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.” This group is trying to catalyse the change that all people need to see.


Instead of constantly egging the consumer to keep buying on, we want to think about where our clothes have come from. We want to encourage our customers to think before they buy - the clothes in our store are a worthy investment - well made and will last a lifetime, not some cheap trend that will die out in a few weeks.


Luckily we have organisations such as the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards, who (as the name mentions) are celebrating those who are making a change in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Through this recognition and having some amazing judges on board, the promotion of impactful brands will have a resounding effect on those around them. 


This September Lone Design Club has partnered with the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards to discuss the importance of sustainability in the industry. The panel will be moderated by Rachel Fortune, Founder of the SLAs; Deb Bee, Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols; and Rebecca Morter, LDC's Founder. 



Rachel Fortune, Founder of the SLAs comments, “I founded the SLAs with a desire to educate consumers and brands alike about the social inequalities and environmentally destructive ways of the fast fashion industry. Living sustainably is a necessity in our current climate and is at the very heart of the SLAs manifesto. By championing sustainable and stylish brands who have a positive environmental impact, the SLAs is playing a part in changing the fashion industry from the inside out.”



Deb, Marketing and Creative Director at Harvey Nichols: “I am delighted to be part of the SLA community. Everything the SLAs stands for aligns strongly with my own beliefs, so a partnership was a natural fit. The awards offer me the opportunity to celebrate brands who design beautiful products with a conscience as well as the ability to channel the experiences and knowledge I have accumulated throughout my career into something positive for our planet.”



Rebecca Morter, Founder of Lone Design Club: "We carefully select brands that we truly believe in. We find shopping small and personal is more beneficial to both designer and environment. We love to see the connections designers form with customers that makes an item last a lifetime, not a season."


You can find out more about the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards and our thoughts on sustainability + fashion in our panel discussion this LFW, taking place on 10th September. Don't miss out! Get your tickets here.

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