In 2018 it should be a given that ethical and sustainable values are at the heart of all that we do. At LDC we are proud to work with a growing number of ethical and sustainable brands committed to these values, and introduce their products and processes to the ever growing mindful consumer. We are really excited to launch our first Mindful Makers: Presentations + Networking evening this coming Tuesday 19th June, in collaboration with Offset Warehouse and WeWork. 

Through this evening, we will be exploring mindful topics from both a designer’s and consumer’s point of view including sustainable fashion, circular economy and empowering business through ethical considerations, and present some independent designers with ethical practices and beautiful products. It will be an exciting forum with for those seeking to discover unique mindful products, learn the stories and processes behind the brands, and introduce key considerations to those who may just be starting to ask the questions around where their products come from.

We are really excited to welcome some amazing expert speakers to kick off the discussion. Read on to find out a little more about them...

Rachele Gonzaga, Swarovski & Freelance Stylist 

Originally from Rome, sustainability expert Rachele has lived in London since 2012, working for Swarovski and is currently leading the communication of its "conscious luxury" journey. She is also a personal stylist with the mission to inspire her clients to buy more responsibly and wisely, whilst empowering them to learn to love their bodies again. On the evening, Rachele will speaking on sustainable fashion, giving an insight into the Swarovski's conscious luxury projects, and also advising how we can all make a difference on an individual level through the clothing we choose and our relationship with our existing wardrobe.


Olivia Pinnock, Freelance Fashion Writer, Lecturer and Founder of The Fashion Debates

Olivia is a freelance fashion journalist and copywriter and writes regularly for Forbes with a particular focus on sustainability. Since 2016, she has run The Fashion Debates, a series of panel discussion events exploring ethical issues affecting the industry. She also lectures part-time on the topics of fashion journalism, marketing and communication at London Metropolitan University and Norwich University of the Arts. On the evening Olivia will be giving tips on how brands can talk to their customers about sustainability.


We can't wait to hear from these two amazing speakers, which will be followed by a panel discussion featuring three LDC designers with particular ethical and sustainable practices, including: Sophie Dunster, founder & designer from sustainable clothing label Gung Ho who connect their customers to the environmental issue depicted on the front of their iconic sweatshirts;  Alicia Lai, founder & designer of vegan footwear brand Bourgeois Boheme; and Emma Ware founder & designer behind Ware London which uses recycled and repurposed materials to create their jewellery. 

Join us on Tuesday 19th June at WeWork Waterhouse Square, 6-9pm, by registering here.






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