Shared Values: Atelier Roc X PLAINANDSIMPLE

Lone Design Club connects the world to ethical, independent, fashion brands on a mission to take control and shape the future of retail. Plain And Simple and Atelier Roc join the Club on that mission, promoting slow fashion practices and sustainable fabrics.   

Atelier Roc 

Atelier Roc is a lifestyle interior and home furnishing brand based in London. The Boutique Design House creates beautiful unique and versatile pieces that are inspired by nature. The brand uses ethical, intricate materials and processes to create their stunning home products.

Atelier Roc has a commitment to share their ideals of beauty with everyone, constantly refining and innovating their design processes. The brand works with and supports trusted artisans to create more innovative and sustainable products for the community.

Plain and Simple

Plain and Simple creates sustainable and ethical T-shirts. Designed as a circular clothing brand, Plain and Simple makes each product to be remade. Every t-shirt comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning it can be sent back for free. A returned t-shirt has a worn out value of £6.00 before it is remade.

Plain and Simple believes that sustainability is not only about making the best product in the most sustainable way, but also taking responsibility for that product from beginning to end. 

Shared Value: Sustainable Fabrics
Atelier Roc uses high quality materials such as British-made 100% Merino wool. The Merino wool used is ethical, beginning as a raw fibre and crafted into a beautiful, unique, and versatile piece. 

Plain and Simple uses all biodegradable material throughout the entire design process. Every item is made to be remade, meaning that each t-shirt can be sent back to the factory at the end of its life, and be turned into a new product. Additionally, Plain and Simple uses organic cotton that doesn’t damage soil, uses 88% less water and 62% less energy than other cotton products.

Shared Value: Ethical Design Process

Atelier Roc works with and supports trusted artisans to create best quality products and support heritage craftsmanship.

Each piece is created in one location, from start to finish. This process minimizes each piece’s carbon footprint, reducing the manufacturing impact on the environment.

Plain and Simple is London based brand, but manufactures their products in India using solar powered factories. In order to make the best products, Plain and Simple uses the best factories. These solar powered factories sustain and promote fair labour practices, in addition to safe working conditions and environmental responsibility. 

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