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The evolution of ones style is personal. It’s based off life experiences, culture, environment, people and things. Style can be worn as armour or a visual representation of our values. It’s a part of your identity, and as we grow and change, our style evolves over time, sometimes being quite the contradiction.

It’s usually seen but never talked about, and that’s why LDC is rounding up our favourite Style Muses from a variety of areas within the industry, for our immersive and interactive ‘In Conversation With’ Style experts, Dress To Express Event at our London Fashion Week Store.

Get your tickets HERE, and let us know if you’re coming along! 

We asked our experts what their most treasured pieces of clothing are and how their style has evolved over the years.


"My pride collection bags are my most treasured items at the moment because they are functional, made well, and they express my unique individuality and personality. I have so many pieces that I treasure that it does change quite often, and it's with this love that I am able to hold onto items longer and find ways to implement them into new looks, thus meaning I'm not buying into fast fashion or trends which could be damaging to the planet. 

I think my style is constantly evolving because I see fashion as an opportunity to tell people a little bit about myself, my mood, my views etc. I constantly play with new ideas and concepts because I like to challenge myself in my own style, but, I do think that I have become a lot more refined and less adventurous as I've got older, gone are the days when I would dye my hair blue and wear thigh high boots to Tescos... (yes I really have done that before!)" - Aaron Mark, Editor In Chief of Boyfriend Magazine.

"My favourite piece at this moment must be the Vintage Silk blouse from Italy. Why? It is silk - so no fuss when travelling. This blouse caught my eye because of its colour palette, the bold print, the oversized fit and the fact that anyone can wear it; it can be dressed up or down - depending on occasion. I love pairing this blouse with a good fitted pair of high waisted denims and a Cuban heel of course - Very much inspired by the latest movie I saw 'Once upon a time'. Add a cowboy hat for that true western look OR wear with a slip on mule and gold hoops. 

5 Years ago, I spend most my time finding treasure pieces in charity stores and vintage markets - I would say I will always be very experimental with clothing but perhaps 5 years ago, I kept it quite minimal and little accessories. I now enjoy layering vintage pieces, patterns and different textures as well as more accessories to complete my every day look." - Mia Williams, Founder of Madseventies


"Since co-founding HURR I've definitely experimented with my style, renting statement pieces that I otherwise wouldn't have purchased. generally, I invest in a high-quality capsule wardrobe and rent the rest!" - Victoria Prew, Co Founder of Hurr Collective.

"The cream lace and silky top with low cut on the front is one of my favourite pieces, something quite unique and handcrafted that I commissioned when I was 20, to an old lady that was working with these unique textiles in Rome." - Rachele Gonzaga, Stylist.


Join us on 19th of September for a fascinating immersive and interactive ‘in conversation with’, discovering the stories behind our influential speakers’ individual style journeys.




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